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12 famous men who have tried the pink hair trend


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When it comes to haircuts, men tend to be quite clear about it. The perfect combination of factors is usually the type of cut that most favors the shape of the face, the trends in haircuts that season, which this fall are curiously dictated by Zara, and the professional opinion of the barber or hairdresser who performs the hairstyle. Of course, a determining factor for older people is usually the amount of hair that one has, since baldness is not chosen, but both in the field of short hairs close to military shaving, as in that of the busier manes, there is a tendency that every man can try: that of colored dyes. According to the 90s and early 2000s, blonde highlights and platinum blonde hair were a trend, in recent years we have seen each time more famous that are added to the fantasy colors, and in particular the pink.

Just as we have all had phases in adolescence in terms of style when it comes to dressing, the same happened with hair. How many pink heads have we seen among fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, how many green and red locks have fans of Green Day and My Chemical Romance had, and how many have colored drawings on their heads thanks to J’s daring hairstyles Balvin. Well, as if it were a new trend created by a K-Pop group, a lot of men have returned to the more rebellious adolescence to dye their hair pink. We could say that it is a phase, but the truth is that since 2015 we have been seeing celebrities like Joe Jonas or Jared Leto wear this hair color, both in its fuchsia and pastel versions. Now in 2021, many other household names have also wanted to experiment with pink hair, and we bring you to the 10 men who have managed it best.

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Rauw Alejandro

The singer from Puerto Rico is on tour with his latest album and for the performances he dyed his hair blue and baby pink, colors that combine with his pink outfits.


Justin Bieber

One of the many hair adventures that we have seen Justin Bieber wear is the pink hair, which he wore for a while for the recording of the video clip of Yummy. Yes, matching your sweatshirt.


Jared Leto

It happened back in 2015. Jared Leto went to the Gucci show with slick hair and fuchsia pink highlights, which matched his elegant silk shirt.


Cruz Beckham

After dyeing platinum blonde like his father in the 2000s, David Beckham’s son was featured on Instagram with shaved bubblegum pink hair that he wore briefly in the summer.



As a good reggaeton singer, Maluma has tried all kinds of hairstyles and colors. One of the ones that caught our attention the most is this intense pink hair.


Jaden Smith

Since 2019 it has been his color. Will Smith’s son is a veteran of pink hair, which at that time wore a semi-shaved and deep pink hair and now it looks in a more pastel tone.


Joe Jonas

In 2016, toupees with extreme gradients were a trend and Joe Jonas their maximum wearer. The singer wanted to increase the volume of the hairstyle by dyeing the upper part a quite striking neon pink.


Zayn Malik

The singer also opted for long pink bangs in 2016, which at that time was styled upwards, defying gravity. Unlike Jonas, Malik preferred a pastel shade.


J Balvin

He changes color with each song, album and collection of clothes that he takes out and one of the tones that we have seen him wear on several occasions is pastel pink. At first, J Balvin wore it with curls on top, which he now replaces with a military shave.

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