12 Gmail Tips to Keep Your Inbox Clean and Tidy

Very difficult to maintain today tidy inbox It’s harder to get to zero pallets. However, Gmail has a bunch of tools that promise to keep the tray very clean and tidy.

In 2022, Google released a feature that allows you to compose an email in Google Docs and then quickly send it to Gmail. When you use Google Docs, you can create an email template that is exactly the same as the email you want to send.

Use docs as draft posts

The idea is to make it easy to share draft Email between multiple people so everyone can see it before sending it. And it’s really easy to use.

Another tool is related to the possibility to create and use multiple email aliases. By adding symbols such as punctuation, we can generate multiple different emails sent to the same account, but better filter announcements and separate them from important messages.

Take advantage of Gmail filters

Filters, on the other hand, are one of the best ways to keep an unruly Gmail inbox in check.They’re so easy to use that you can create them in the Gmail web interface filter Click the arrow to the right of the search box and set the criteria.

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Google does smart email categorization for you. However, if you help him, you will make him wiser. Emails that are important by Google standards are on the Main tab with a yellow arrow next to them. If Google makes a mistake, click this yellow arrow to mark the email as unimportant (and vice versa).

Train the Google Algorithm

If you’re using the default layout (click the arrow next to your inbox on the left to change views), your Gmail inbox is likely divided into tabs for social network email, less important updates, and more. On the web, simply click and drag an email to place it in a different tab; Gmail will then ask you if you want to sort all future such emails the same way.

Gmail’s starred email system allows you to use different stars and symbols for organizing and prioritizing emails in your inbox. Additionally, the stars can also be used for searches, making it easy to find specific emails.

clean up inbox

If you want to delete old, useless emails, you can do so quickly and easily, filter by date and mark all for deletion with one click. This will keep your inbox much cleaner.

Another convenience that Google offers is its alarm clock that can reply to any email. If you get an email that you don’t want to respond to right away, you can add a reminder at a specific time. Emails in the conversation will disappear from the inbox until the specified date and time. Gmail also lets you create templates so you don’t have to keep rewriting the same messages. For example, telling someone they can’t make it to an event or declining a job offer they sent you.

Learn about keyboard and mouse shortcuts

To enable them, you have to click on the gear icon on the right, go to advanced settings and select templates, where you can create the templates you want. When composing an email, you can include templates by clicking the three dots in the lower right submenu and selecting the template you want to add.

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Knowing some keyboard and mouse shortcuts can help you navigate your Gmail inbox faster. Some useful keyboard shortcuts include J and K for going forward and back in messages, and E for archiving the current conversation. You can also use the mouse context menu to perform other actions, such as replying to messages, moving them to other tabs, and applying labels.

use bookmarks

One way to simplify managing your Gmail inbox is to mark certain sections as favorites so you can quickly jump between them. This can be done by saving links to starred, sent, important or unread messages.You can also save searches, threads, and even Important tags and sub tags.

These bookmarks can be added to the browser toolbar or opened in new tabs. Also, knowing keyboard shortcuts and mouse context menu actions can help you navigate more efficiently.

cancel shipment

Have you ever regretted sending an email? Whether it’s because of your chosen language or a change of mind, Google allows you to set an opt-out period (a time when you have to decide if you want to cancel sending emails.

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This can be done in the form 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds. It must be remembered that undo send does not mean cancel send, but works by adding an editable delay.

schedule an email

No one wants to be the one sending emails at dawn. To be more polite, it’s a good idea to schedule deliveries so that these mail items reach recipients within a reasonable time.

Fortunately, Gmail makes scheduling emails very easy. All you have to do is compose your email in Gmail, and when you’re ready to schedule your email, click the drop-down arrow next to the “Send” button and choose the date and time you want your email sent. (You can program up to 100 emails immediately).

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