12 homicides in Michoacan this weekend

12 homicides in Michoacán this weekend

Intentional homicide in Michoacan

Friday the 15th 5

Saturday 16 3

Sunday 17 4

The number of homicides this weekend is the same as last weekend

Intentional homicide in Michoacan

August 8-10 September 15-17

12 Homicide12 Homicide

According to official figures, there have been 1,252 intentional homicides in Michoacán so far this year. To date, Michoacán ranks fourth in the country for intentional homicides, behind Guanajuato (2,230 total), Mexico (1,841), Baja California (1,362), and fifth. is Chihuahua (1,153 cases).

Compared to the same period last year, Michoacan ranked second with 1,812 murders, behind Guanajuato with 2,259 murders. The most violent day of the weekend was September 15, with five homicides. The most violent city so far this year is Morelia, with 241 murder victims, and this weekend Morelia and Uruapan each had five homicide victims, according to public data.

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