12-year-old story saves Homem, who was drowning after recognizing the hand of the resuscitator in the TV series “Stranger Things”

Austin McMillan family member Jason Pickett has been searching for applied behavior analysis for three years. When we started our 20 hours of work together, we were swimming in the pool at our family’s home in Wellington, Florida, USA, and at that moment we decided to compete with the stopwatch again to see how we could breathe more throughout the day. time remaining from water.

Alex said he felt something was wrong when he saw the stopwatch within five minutes of Pickett’s rounds. “I knew it was too long,” Austin later told local news station ABC7.

The behavioral therapist’s heroic act was captured on CCTV at McMillan’s home, which we show to Rapace Nadar Ate off to the side of the pool bottom, Mergulhar and Puksar Pickett for degraus. Austin subsequently tried to use the emergency unlock feature on her therapist’s smartphone, but was unsuccessful because the right button, which allowed her to call emergency medical services, was missing.

As soon as the two people were no longer in the house on the hill, Austen ran into the garden to ask for help, at which point we were also captured on CCTV.

You can quickly come to your senses using the advice of a therapist and begin doing chest compressions. Soon after, Pickett’s conscience set in and he began vomiting water and blood.

The Austin couple returned home a few minutes late and called 911, the emergency number in North America.

“I waited 30 seconds and you’re wrong,” Pickett said on North American television’s Good Morning America. “I expanded with the power and feeling of this moment. And I always know that he is a hero,” he added.

When people later asked Austen about why she learned CPR, it was a big surprise to discover that she was a dinner party member of the popular fictional Netflix series Stranger Things with Christina McMillan, which I didn’t do. I don’t like that my son was there.

“He was a little hesitant about helping me,” admitted MacMillan, as quoted by the British newspaper. The keeper. “Mas estou definitively contente por o ter deixado ver”, acres centou.

Austen was seen for two minutes at the dinner and shows the characters, played by actors Winona Ryder and David Harbor, applying compresses to the chest of their unconscious son, played by actor Noah Schnapp.

After the pool accident, he organized a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification course and provided first aid to people to make them aware and inform their family members and close friends. Afterwards, Austin proudly went to have her photo taken to make sure she was certified as a basic life support specialist by the American Heart Association.

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