15 cases of Legionella Albericia outbreak

15 cases of Legionella Albericia outbreakImprove EMV

Legionella outbreak detected in Albrecht has caused 15 infections, Although Only one affected person was admitted to the intensive care unit Most have been discharged or are doing well. Technicians locate origin in refrigeration equipment of a citrus company Located on the outskirts of the city, because according to surveys conducted by the Public Health Department to identify priorities, most of those affected were worker or passing environment, Alberic Mayor Toño Carratalá confirmed that there was a bar there.

Disinfection of the refrigeration system was carried out over the weekend and the latest case is linked to symptoms from previous days, according to a person familiar with the matter. Lift-EMV, he The epidemic is in principle under control. as Precautions, Alberic’s Decorative Fountain and Car Wash Tunnel are closed as they are hazardous installations. According to the medical profession, This summer’s heat is a breeding ground for Legionella Because they provide more possibilities for the bacteria, which often causes Legionella pneumonia, to multiply.

Public Health notified Council of the outbreak in the town over the weekend. The case was detected at the Hospital de la Ribera, who sounded the alarm on everything, The worst case occurred in a hospital in Asturias, where an infected person presented in Alberic with the most severe symptoms, Although he has gone to the factory, he still needs to spend several days in the intensive care unit.

Legionella prevention message disseminated by Albrecht City Council.

The Mayor of Albuquerque explained, Proper checks in the city’s drinking water network ruled out this as the source Still, as per protocol, the chlorination period has been extended and sprinkler systems and public fountains have been stopped. Karatala noted that despite public health authorities telling him the outbreak was under control, it would continue to be monitored in the coming days.

Toño Carratalá sends message of tranquility to neighbors since Legionella outbreak It is not spread from person to person, but through inhalation of suspended water droplets The air contains bacteria from infectious sources. “The city council has been fully at the service of the public health sector since the beginning, and we have been as strict as possible to ensure safety, always following the directives of public health,” Caratara stressed.

Symptoms caused by Legionella are high fever, general malaise, headache, cough, and finally fatigue and shortness of breath, as the bacteria usually cause Legionella pneumonia. Severity varies widely based on the age and health of the infected person, with older people often suffering more severe cases.

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