15 fantasy series to air after The Witcher 3’s (first) marathon

Nearly reached the end Witcher as we knew him and Henry Cavill’s farewell to Geralt of Rivia, anticipating nostalgia does not quench the thirst for fantasy, given that in a few days (July 27) the real last episodes of the third season will be released, dedicated to the most sculptural of the witchers. Then the magic of that world will return, but with Liam Hemsworth in the title role.
How to spend this time waiting for the second part of the show, and then the summer waiting for a new season of fantastic hits (or failures)? Rekindling your passion with themed marathons of your favorite games, or finally giving it a try and making it possible for series that have been left on the “interesting shows to watch/catch up later list” for too long. Below are some ideas, varying between different streaming platforms and the endless nuances of a genre that makes us fly between imaginary worlds, magic, broadswords, chivalry, adventure, etc. borders, it’s fantastic.

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When the story is over Game of Thrones, this completely magical series with Rosamund Pike, who adapted for television mastodon fantasy in almost 14 books by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson, who edited the last three after the death of the main author), noted along with an imminent prequel in Lord of the Rings (The power of the rings), Prime Video’s attempt to concentrate fan love Received on your platform. Unfortunately, with an (undeserved) bad outcome. Unfortunately, fantasy lovers, ever since the world was introduced to Peter Jackson’s film trilogy and then Benioff’s huge work on Martin’s classic, have become very demanding and disappointed in an instant. For us, it deserves at least one marathon attempt. Many did not look at him after reading the reviews of friends.
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Arthurian Lady of the Lake series starring Katherine Langford (formerly Hannah Baker of Thirteen) as the protagonist, she defied tradition by creating an unedited version of a story known to us for centuries, adding various characters such as the villain of the moment and the protagonist’s friend, Pym, to whom we immediately became attached. However, in vain, because there was, in spite of everything, a second season and opportunities.
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avid fans Witcher handed out immediately when it came out on Christmas 2022. But perhaps distracted by the holidays, many haven’t yet seen the prequel miniseries inspired by the entire world of Geralt of Rivia.
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A must-have, given that we tend to measure enthusiasm and disappointment for each new installment by those given us by a series that first transposed and then surpassed George R. R. Martin’s novels. Let’s get hurt (or get better): just like we cycled through sitcoms like Friendswe’re rekindling our love for the fantasy series that made every micro- or macro-foray game our favorite episodes.
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dragon house

Let’s face it, just a prequel to Game of Thrones was really able to fill the void and despondency created by the end Game of Thrones. And we would like to see more soon. By now, falling in love is the complete package (original and spin-off to the past).
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Created by Eric Heisserer, former film writer. bird box, Arrival and other sci-fi and horror films, starting with the works of Lee Bardugo, author of the GrishaVerse saga, consisting of various series, including Trilogy about Grisha and Duology six ravens, this series quickly became one of the gems of the genre from its first season.
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Among the few series that mix our modern reality with the world of magic, it is based on a happy Trilogy of Souls Deborah Harkness, and enjoys the allure of an English setting in Oxford, starting with a manuscript held in the Bodleian Library, one of the oldest in the world, that comes to life in the hands of a philologist (which is also promising for Indy Jones).
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Born from a comic book series, it brings angels and demons into contact, setting up their fight between monasteries and monasteries, with a girl who is very far from visiting them, who suddenly finds herself “entrusted” with the honor of embodying (yes, embodying and no just wearing) holy halo.
The first season was a bomb, the second was weaker, but the desire of the trio is not enough.
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Rings of Power

Prequel series Lord of the Rings it caused a stir, but not in the desired way. This was somewhat predictable, given the need to work on hybrid material, partly adapted from appendices to Tolkien’s novels, and partly pure fiction, at the risk of warming up the mood. Too bad, because Morfydd Clark as Galadriel is in the spotlight, and all the mysteries that bind hairy legs, a giant who comes from the stars and humans (who hate elves) opens up a quest that is still irresistible in its own way.
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The television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novels features gods, wizards, zombies and goblins in a rampage of wild or grotesque fantasies, fights, traps and even a good dose of dark humor. It’s not the latest fantasy series, but it hasn’t lost its luster at all.
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SANDMAN extension



Newer than american godsis a TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s cult comic, a project that was waited and put off for decades, which then became a must-have Netflix series in which the lord of dreams and nightmares seeks revenge and rebirth of his world after being treacherously taken over by cheap and stone. hearted human wizard.
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Lucasfilm Ltd.


The series, which brought back to the screen, this time not cinematic, the protagonist and the world of one of the most beloved fantasy films of the eighties, suffered the same fate as The Damned, which was immediately canceled after only one season. And even in these cases, the question arises, why invest talent and money in ambitious projects, and then give up at the first difficulty? Has Willow really aged that much? The only way to tell for sure is to evaluate with your own eyes first.
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Warner Bros.


In Victorian London, a supernatural event gives some people, especially women, special powers. A fantasy with a steampunk heart, the HBO series distributed on Sky is conceived by Joss Whedon, already the “father” of games like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and other film and TV cults).
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Here, too, the atmosphere is Victorian, only teeming with magic. Indeed, about refugees from the under attack magical areas who have found (at a high price) refuge in this “metropolitan” reality. In which an impossible love is born (torn apart and then rediscovered) between a human and a fairy played by a former elf Lord of the Rings Orlando Bloom and the former mermaid Pot Cara Delevingne.
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The television adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy of the same name is projected into a universe where the soul manifests itself by controlling animals that watch over humans like guardian angels. Not everyone has them and can turn into a curse if they are not welcomed exactly as the theocratic power of the Magisterium would like, which rules this very complex and divided reality, which the vision of an orphan girl risks jeopardizing.
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