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dark Knight 15 years old: Christopher Nolan’s film was, in fact, released in cinemas worldwide in July 2008, first in the United States on July 18, with the world premiere on the 14th, shortly after, on the 23rd Released in Italian cinemas. .Dedicated in the light of the entire filmography batmanto date – despite the good deeds of Batman It’s impossible to imagine a more suffering Bat Man than the Bat Man immortalized by Christian Bale in the director’s trilogy – in the midst of emo and grunge – with Robert Pattinson. startwith the intensity of its second chapter that made de dark Knight This is one of the best movies dedicated to the hero in black cloak and super tech butler.

The film that changed Cinécomics by giving it depth (and credibility)

Before Nolan’s Batman, in more film adaptations than comics, superheroes were, in fact, super. From all points of view: beautiful, good, good, without doubt, without hesitation, without any internal struggle. Then, of course, The Dark Knight arrived and again nothing was the same. Batman’s intentions are clear, he wants to fight crime, but the Joker appears in response. The epitome of chaos, the madness of chaos really has only one goal: to get Batman in trouble. And he succeeds so well, in fact it puts him at a crossroads: to save Harley Dent or his beloved Rachel? The apotheosis continues in the third chapter, the dark Knight Rises (2012): Batman is the scapegoat, Bruce Wayne retired only after experiencing imprisonment (physical and mental) in Ra’s al Ghul’s well.

bale like batman

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Bale and Ledger as Batman and the Joker

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Ledger as the Joker

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The Oscar-Winning Joker, Best Genre Villain, Heath Ledger You Can’t Forget

A posthumous Oscar, a stellar performance and an overwhelming legacy to contend with – as he did Jared Leto In suicide squad: What Heath Ledger What has been done with the character of the Joker is something unique and is one of the elements that make it dark Knight Best batman movie ever.

Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning Joker

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Afterwards dark Knight: Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale yesterday and today

It can be said that the great science fiction license plate Christopher Nolan – start (2010), interstellar (2014), keeper (2020) , This film took off right after, concluding the Batman trilogy and “only” by the 2017 War blockbuster dunkirk, with which the director received seven Oscar nominations, winning awards for Best Editing, Best Sound, and Best Sound Editing. This autumn comes another time-travel title whose most “science-fiction” element will be the history (of the atomic bomb, something that at the time, prior to the moon landing, did not seem to be true). For oppenheimerIn fact, as Nolan said a few days ago, there was no CGI work. In short, none of the events and mind-altering battle-scientific discoveries have any special effects to tell. Not only this, the film will also be partially in black and white. Two choices, which, along with the usual writer’s signature (which forgoes many other details), could lead to Nolan eventually winning an Oscar for directing.

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