$ 15,000 fine to LeBron James for an obscene gesture

This Friday, LeBron James was fined $ 15,000 for making an obscene gesture and the NBA also warned him to refrain from making statements with “profane language.” After starring in a reprehensible event where he hit Isaiah Stewart, a few days ago he had a day full of incidents: fighting with fans and anti-sports attitudes.

LeBron's complaint.  (AFP)

LeBron’s complaint. (AFP)

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On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, James did his thing and had a tense crossover with two fans. With just two minutes to go to the end of overtime, He called the umpire to ask him to kick two Pacers fans out of the stadium.

The teenager put on his jacket and left the Arena Gainbridge Fieldhouse, accompanied by a security agent. For her part, the young woman made a sarcastic “pout”, pretended to wipe a few tears and also withdrew from the stadium.

That's how the Pacers fan left.  (AFP)

That’s how the Pacers fan left. (AFP)

At the end of the meeting, James explained the reason for his anger. He assured that both were emitting “gestures and obscene words” that “they should never say to a player”, as reported by the US media New York Daily News.During that same evening, the Lakers superstar gestured after throwing a pitch near the end of the game. that his team beat Indiana 124-116 on the road in overtime.

James did not play the night before in New York, where the Lakers were defeated, because a game was suspended because he hit Detroit pivot Stewart in the face on Sunday and drew blood. James used profanity in his post-match interview against Indiana in which he had addressed the suspension issue.

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Another NBA penalty

What’s more, The NBA fined Portland’s Robert Covington $ 15,000 for throwing his mask at a referee on Wednesday. He was called a technical foul and was sent off for that action 49 seconds after the end of the second period of the game in which the Trail Blazers succumbed 125-121 of visitors in Sacramento.

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