15,000 Valencian tax break

2022, The Valencian government paid a total of €353.31 million in inheritance and gift taxes. The money will no longer go into public coffers from next year after Council repealed the tax.Yesterday in Castellón celebrating the 772nd anniversary of the city’s founding, the Valencian plenary session approved the The bill requires the measure to take effect as soon as possible.

Elimination of this fee will benefit nearly 15,000 Valencians On average they pay a “death tax” every year, as the President of the Valencian Community himself calls it, Carlos Masson. Through this repression, the head of the commission explained, “injustice and double taxation are avoided and financial, historical and above all moral commitments are secured.”

Through this measure, he explained, “our parents and grandparents gave us the best of their history so that we could enjoy it, accept it responsibly, and allow this legacy to be We make it more worthy of “the next generation,” he asserted.

Opposition groups PSPV-PSOE and Compromís urged the council to express How will you make up for the reduction in government revenue? The People’s Party claims that “Valencians have a lower tax burden than the current Conseil assumes”.

Le Correll’s Socialist League, Rebecca ToroPoints out that PP and Vox councils “do not govern for the majority” but “work for the same goals as always” and stress that they will “forgive” the top earners 350 million euros Bonus up to 99% of this tax amount.

“There are 70 agencies, there are 34 schools, or 17,000 citizens are paying for hepatitis C treatment,” he said, criticizing agreeing to “provide benefits for ordinary people.” Moreover, he warned, “in the end, most people will be cut”.

The Valencian Community Business Confederation (CEV) expressed a very different view. Employers believe the measure approved yesterday by Consell is “a step in the right direction” as it “reduces the tax burden on citizens”.

common language of parliament

On the other hand, a spokesperson for Consell said, Ruth Merino, read at a news conference after the government meeting the institutional manifesto approved by parliament to defend the equality of Valencian compared to other Spanish co-official languages. It should be remembered that the Parliament considers that the approval by Congress of the languages ​​”Galician, Basque and Catalan” undermines the rights of the Valencians.

Although the proposal was finally presented without mentioning any specific language, the Valencian government felt it necessary to read the statement, which also recalled: The Senate is the house responsible for representing the different territoriesand a common official language is already allowed, so there is no need for Congress.

new appointment

On the other hand, Consell has made progress in its structural composition, 14 new senior officials appointed, thus releasing members of the Botanic Gardens from their responsibilities, who continue to assume certain responsibilities, as in the case of Regional Emergencies Secretary Jose Maria Angel. However, 10 senior officials from the previous administration are still in office. Some of these measures have drawn particular attention, such as regional finance minister Mako Mira, who continues to hold meetings with Volkswagen on the implementation of the plan in Valencia.

On the other hand, the opposition of Les Corts Valencianes, PSPV-PSOE and Compromís yesterday demanded an explanation from the First Vice-President of Parliament, Vicente Varela (Vox)PP and Vox responded that it was “time” to resolve the incompatibilities, despite continuing to manage the seven companies despite holding important positions in the Valencian government.

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