17 Household Compounds as CPU Thermal Paste

This may seem strange, but it’s possible that we don’t have thermal paste on hand, and we suddenly think of applying some household compound to the processor. Since this is a crazy idea and I’m sure someone would consider it or do it in some situation, would some compound we see in our homes every day be suitable to replace thermal paste?Okay, we have it here Test it with 17 compounds you’re sure to have in your homewhich Has become a thermal paste It’s been a while. Will there be capable people?

Yes, people from the Quasar Zone wanted to do this crazy thing, and in order to do it, they used everything to compare it to the craziest thing that can be remembered. All of this is to debunk certain misconceptions that many of these or similar products are equally effective and in some cases even better than the ones they were designed to sit between the processor’s cold plate and IHS..

17 household compounds tested as thermal pastes


At least there’s almost zero curiosity, but you’re equally sure you’re interested in knowing what they used and how well the product performed as a thermal paste. From ketchup, to mayonnaise, chicken sauce, athlete’s foot cream, sunscreen, sexual lubricant or glue and more, that’s what we’re going to find here right now, so sit back and enjoy the show.

But first, let’s understand the hardware used: Intel Core i9-12900KFwhere the ambient temperature is 23 degrees Celsius, a change of 0.5°C.Please refer to the thermal paste Zalman ZM-STG2it has fairly moderate thermal conductivity, only 4.1W/m·K.

This is synonymous with low-end solder pastes, typically those used in industry and assembly lines, where performance/quality/value in the end price are the main thing. So with that clear, we just have to remember that any competent thermal paste today will significantly improve its data at a price anyone can afford.

Who wins the pasta comparison?

17 Thermal Paste Compounds for Home Use

Well, exactly Zalman, but only at the bare minimum.and 79.11℃ The brand’s thermal paste manages to dominate, albeit only slightly more than the gel.Sex lubricants come in third place 80.65℃which is indeed surprising.

But after that, there was only a 1-degree difference, and it was the athlete’s foot ointment that caused a stir by being only 2 degrees hotter, a little warmer than Zalman’s choice.Be careful because next on the list is McDonald’s ketchup 81.83 degrees Finished fifth in the comparison and did well by holding off the entire team 12900KF below 85°C.

It’s close to very high temperatures, almost 90℃we actually have mayonnaise 11℃ Located above Zalman thermal paste. Other sauces, such as petroleum jelly, chicken sauce and barbecue, failed the test and received no results.

As we can see, you could also say that with these things “stop inventing”. High-quality thermal paste rarely costs double digits, and you can have it in your home within a day or two and save yourself future hardware headaches. But no one would call this comparison uncurious, which offers quite a few surprises.

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