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20-core Intel Sapphire Rapids processor inherited in GeekBench

Sometime next year, Intel will release Sapphire Rapids processors. They will be based on the Golden Cove architecture and 10nm process technology, will receive an 8-channel DDR5 memory controller, a PCI-E 5.0 controller, and some select models will boast an integrated HBM2E memory buffer of up to 64 GB. Sapphire Rapids will find applications both in servers and in-home computers/workstations of the HEDT class.

Apparently, yesterday’s news item about the release of new Intel HEDT processors only in the second half of next year (that is, 5 years after the previous ones) hit the blue, and the company’s motivated engineers immediately started testing. How else to explain such a lightning-fast appearance of one member of the family in GeekBench?

In particular, a record with the participation of a certain 20-core / 40-thread processor appeared in the benchmark database. It was recognized as “Family 6 Model 143 Stepping 2” and Model 143 is Sapphire Rapids. Other specifications include 40 MB of L2 cache in total (2 MB per core), 75 MB of L3 cache, and a base frequency of 1.5 GHz. The base frequency is very modest, but according to the benchmark, the processor increased the frequency to 4.7 GHz – very good for 20 cores, which are still a year away from release. The system used 32 GB of RAM, presumably of the DDR5 standard.

In its current state, the processor is not very fast. It is 2 times inferior to the 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X in the multi-threaded test. Single-threaded performance is even worse – less than most 5-year-old processors, including mobile ones.

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