20% of colds in summer are caused by air conditioners and affect tone, sound and sound quality

20% of colds in summer are caused by air conditioners and affect tone, sound and sound quality

They’re without a doubt a summertime favorite, especially during the recent heat wave. Air conditioners sell like hot cakes in summer, until they run out Or having to wait over a month for an installer to install it in the house, from the pain of “hell” to the point where you can sleep at night.We can’t live without them, we go to restaurants or shops Seeking relief from the suffocating temperature of the streets. But not all that shines is gold, Air conditioning can cause some discomfortAs experts warn.

Various air conditioners in a residential building in the province.

Speech therapist at El Chevinalobo University Hospital, Elena Glass, Air conditioner status alarm on «The Timbre, Loudness and Quality of Sound»because “by breathing dry air, which is what produces air conditioning, The mucous membranes of the pharynx and larynx are removed».

These discomforts are due to dryness of the throat Excessive throat clearing and coughing This causes the vocal cords to vibrate suddenly this irritates them and changes the soundespecially timbre and loudness, as explained by the speech therapist.


Glass also warns of sudden changes in temperature and his condition by voice. “Going from a hot environment outside to a cool environment in an air-conditioned room can cause Pharyngeal inflammation which in turn produces Changes in Voice Quality“, explains. Sudden changes between outdoor and heated indoor temperatures can cause cold.

Likewise, the neuropodia of the Ribera group, Martha Romero, Hospital of Virgen de la Carida, Cartagena. “The body has a natural system for regulating temperature and Depends on the balance between heat generation and heat loss», he assured. So it’s important to stay where the temperature is right “so our throats don’t get hurt”.

Experts advise against sleeping with the air conditioner on.

These ailments of the pharynx and larynx exacerbate the effects of air conditioning. One in five viral processes originates in summerAccording to the doctor Roberto ValdesHead of the Otorhinolaryngology Department at the Ribera Povisa Hospital in Vigo, who noted Up to 20% of colds, laryngitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis are caused by air conditioning this time of year.

doctor Lorraine SanzThe head of the ENT department at the Hospital of Torrejon ensures the temperature difference between the closed spaces and the high temperature of the street and the abuse of air conditioning “Throat problems increase during the hottest months of the year.”

rhinitis and pneumonia

Marta Romero, a neurologist at the Brain Injury Unit at the Ribera Virgen de la Caridad Hospital (Cartagena), adds that there are the following problems: Rhinitis, Tonsillitis, Cough and Pneumonia related to air conditioning. “Air conditioning reduces the humidity of the environment, dries out the throat, and when used incorrectly can lead to health problems,” Romero said, while Dr. Valdez recalls, “The hotter the air, the more moisture it absorbs and the more dust and bacteria or other types of organic matter accumulating in the filter».

To this end, they insist that it is necessary Clean the filter regularly Otherwise, the respiratory tract could be irritated, inflamed or infected.

“Cold affects the body’s defenses and its ability to fight disease,” The neurologist said, explaining that viruses such as the common cold are more likely to spread in the body when the temperature of the nasal passages is lower than that of the lungs, that is, about 36.5 degrees Celsiusnormal body temperature.

Two air conditioners.

Dr. Valdés takes the same view. “on the one hand, Virus They are more likely to survive and reproduce in dry and cold air, while on the other hand, facing the heat, the cold this time of year keeps people indoors longer, making it easier for the virus to spread in closed spaces. ’ he added.

However, the head of the ENT department recalls that although some laboratory studies have shown that cold temperatures reduce the efficiency of immune cells, “It is the virus that causes the disease, not the temperature.”

Therefore, it is better to follow the advice of experts, who recommend keeping the air temperature at no lower than 24 degrees and avoiding sudden changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Tips to Avoid Unpleasant Refrigeration: Air, 24 degrees

Expert advice from the ENT and Logopedia of the Ribera Group that manages the Hospital del Vinalopó Adjust air temperature to suit the environment (approximately 24°), avoid sleep with the air conditioner on Turn on (or the temperature never drops below 25-26°C) and keep it on well humidity environment (between 40% and 60%).

In addition, they also recommend Clean the filter regularly To avoid the accumulation of pollen and mites, hydrate properly, drink 2 to 3 liters of water, avoid throat clearing (if you find your throat is dry, it is better to drink water), perform nasal wash Avoid breathing through your mouth, and limit direct contact with air conditioners, especially vents.

A heated room should not be a freezer.

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