20 years old, 5 Main reasons Why the PS2 is So glorious in its time


On 4. March, the PlayStation is celebrating 20 years of the launch of the console on the best of all time, the PlayStation 2 (PS2). Who is not familiar with the PS2?

Recorded in the book Guinness World RecordsThe PS2 is in the possession of 157,68 millions of people around the world! The number beat the Nintendo DS (154,90€), GameBoy (118,69), and its predecessor, the PS1 (104,25).

It took about six years for the Sony PlayStation, the successor to the PS2 that the PS3 was released in 2006.

However, what makes the fans of the consoles around the world, as long as he can move the PS2, the sales figures of the PS3 only reached EUR 86.9 million. In fact, after the age of 13, the PS4, which was released in the year 2013 only pack 88,06 million can.

What is the secret to PS2 can to be as successful as it is? Here are some of the most important reasons!

1. Can play game, PS1

20 years old, 5 Main reasons Why the PS2 is So glorious in its timeredmondpie.com

“If the PS5 can also compatible with reverse -?”

This often-asked question from those of you who are looking forward to the PS5, right? It can be understood. You certainly don’t want the games to your console, PS1 to PS4 junk, right?

Now, one of the reasons why the PS2 can be sold, is that the features, support, games, PS1 (not all, but most can). The PlayStation was also aware that on the PS1, there are a lot of games that should not be missed, to be played in the console of his successor.

For example, games such as the famous “Final Fantasy VII“, “Metal Gear Solid“or “Crash Bandicoot“You can play, You know! But, with a condition, you need to save to a memory card from the PS1 to.

Because of this, backwards compatible the most important feature of which is the beloved console PlayStation wanted, so far.

“Unfortunately, backward compatible PS5 only support the PS4.”

Look on the bright side, you can play the game and the PS4 still play on PS5 with a chart, the smooth!

2. Gim-gim unforgettable

20 years old, 5 Main reasons Why the PS2 is So glorious in its timeyoutube.com/FragHero

Because of the PS2 support backwards compatible the games, PS1, PlayStation in the position to win time, to produce games of high quality and are mounted firmly in the minds of the users.

In a span of 8 months, the PS2 on 29 gim published! From Armored Core, Tekken Tag Tournament, Dynasty Warriors 2and 26 , games other games the “intro” to gim-gim PS2 shake the other ready to to the console market.

Then you start popping gim-gim, good exclusive PS2 or cross Platformthat will not be cracked by the time for the lovers of the PS2 as Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City (2002), GTA San Andreas (2003), Kingdom Hearts (2002), God of war 1 (2005), Shadow of the Colossus (2005), Guitar Hero (2005, and much more .

Instead, the PS2 game is known, presented today in the PS2! All-time, the PS2, were more than 3,500 titles gim fastened very well in the memory! So sticky, the Sony often to me-remake gim-gim the.

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3. Console sociable

20 years old, 5 Main reasons Why the PS2 is So glorious in its timetumblr.com

Today, the players are on the other hand, with its super-fast internet connection, so that the gim-gim was also on the online world. You no longer have to invite friends to the house. Simply plug into the internet, make a Pact with your friend lobby gameand then start playback.

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The Disadvantage, Of Experience gaming didn’t seasyik and seinteraktif first with their peers. Remember, you tense, when you turn the game on the PS2?

20 years old, 5 Main reasons Why the PS2 is So glorious in its timegiphy.com

This brings the PS2 superior to the console exceed today. Oh, nostalgia, when was the last time you played, PS2 after returning to school, college, or at work with your friend in his house, your house, or rent it on the PS2, while you SIP a cool drink?

“Yes, Yes… for quite a long time. So miss.”

Of togetherness it creates conversations about the game-PS2, which is already attached to the memory of the generation of the 2000s. If we are already on the PS2 and the game (especially GTA San Andreas), it must be the theme.

It is rare to find in the console of the present.

Although the console also offers two joystickTogetherness is not as intense as and seasyik offered by the PS2.

4. Multi-functional DVD player

20 years old, 5 Main reasons Why the PS2 is So glorious in its timewikipedia.org

In addition to the PS2, at the beginning of the 21st century, the world community is the change from VHS to DVD. However, at the time, cassette-players-DVD price is not expensive. In addition, the price of the original DVDS is not cheap.

Here, the PS2 also took the opportunity to be able to say that to play the DVDS! Bold claims flooded automatically and the PS2 with customers. Why?

Competitor to PS2 at the time, a kind of, Nintendo GameCube, and XBOX, do not run compatibility DVD. If you have a better choose?

“The PS2 can play DVDS and to play a game or DVD to see a movie or something?”

Of course, you prefer the PS2. With the profit from the game and DVD, Sony the wind are really on top at this time.

5. Elegant design

20 years old, 5 Main reasons Why the PS2 is So glorious in its timegamerevolution.com

In addition, the matter internally, look for external PS2 is also the reason why people want to buy it. The design of the PS2, if it has the form of a monolith, and the texture, the linear, wrapped with black color. As a cover, logo, PS2-blue-and-embedded in the surface and the PlayStation logo are placed in the middle of the Hard drive.

Why do we have the design as an excuse? First, you must realize that if changes in the design of the PS is made, Sony PS2 made as a replacement for the PS1? From grey to black.

Second, look at the success of the design of PS2, Sony was the adaptation of the shape and the pattern design, which is almost uniform in the PlayStation Portable (PSP), PS3, PS Vita and PS4. PS5? The construction is the following.

“Where exactly?”

Their similarity lies in the color black and the design of the monolith easily. Such small changes to a loss Hard drive Drive and the place cards Memory just a thought for easy access.

Joystick on the PS2, the PS4 also has no change on the layout. If the replace PS4 button “””StartandSelectto be””OptionsandShare“there are no changes to the design.

This is the reason-the reason why the PS2, the console won the best, which is timeless. Although his successors came and went, the PS2 sits in the heart of the lovers of PlayStation.

Do you agree with these reasons? Or, if you prefer, the successor to the PS2?

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