200 journalists in Germany to be replaced by artificial intelligence ▷ Balzano: “This is just the beginning”

The visions we see in science fiction movies are in danger of becoming reality. In fact, it has already happened.
One could tell the story of “I, Robot,” the movie where Will Smith battles a future where man is replaced by machines.
OK, we’re almost there. Bilda German newspaper It will fire more than 200 journalists to replace them with artificial intelligence,
All the work that can be done by the software will be delegated to it by the computer.
The German Association of Journalists was none too pleased: “So we give the message that human jobs should be cut to maximize profits,
So this is how the new future of robots that do the work that humans still want to do is taking shape step by step.

,probably the biggest topic of the future”- Comment on the news Savino Balzanotrade unionist.
,we descend into a context in which humans become almost superfluous,
The sinister specter of elusive technological progress continues to loom large.
,actually a ghost Horrible, we are at the dawn of this new phase,
The prognosis appears to be increasingly negative for those who hold jobs in which information can now be grouped by artificial intelligence as well. But one thing is certain: what the machine can never replace or aggregate is opinion.
And even if that time comes, it will be science fiction in its true sense.

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