2015-2023: Sardinia celebrates Dinamo dei Miracoli’s championship eight years ago

If you want feelings you call them

There were already indications that this season will be like no other semifinal who would become a historical rival, great man Olympia Milan. 7 games with Milan with the pearl of the decider remain unique in the history of Italian basketball. race 7 and scoundrel of the forum; The certainty of a few seconds from the end of being able to play for the Scudetto thanks to the +7, which guaranteed at least three further possessions.

Photos that are not only etched in the memory of Sasari fans; A team that can say that it has not claimed the easy task of uniting all Sardinians as the 2014-2015 Dinamo led on the bench Mayo Sacetti. But the June feelings didn’t end with that grueling semifinal series eight years ago. reggio emilia This was the team that divided the President’s people Stephen Sardara Something historical can only be compared to Cagliari’s scudetto in 1970. The final hurdle that could see an unimaginable dream come true only 5 years ago when the blue and white landed in the top flight after a victory. playoffs against veroli, It already seemed like a championship and today we seem to be talking about different geological eras.

But let’s get back to that finals series reggio emilia began to tell the truth upwards: two permanent defeats in Emilia and which gave rise to situations vanunzo & Co. will immediately follow Koch’s battleship manetti which could potentially close, given the premises, in the Scudetto speech Sardinia, The psychological factor is often of decisive importance in basketball but the blue and white men got things right by closing out both matches with authority and postponing Della Valle’s ambitions. sincerini : The series returned to the draw. we return as regio race 5 Torn down by the landlords and as expected, it returned back to Sasari race 6 The one that can give the Scudetto to Reggio players. not in my house it’s mandatory. The field factor was a friend and the numbers mattered; that’s what the data says Dinamo’s only home loss in the entire playoff series race 6 with the semifinals Milan. what viewers will see palaceradimigni 24 June 2015 Will be etched in the memory and even today we talk about that challenge as the mother of all sports sliding door From Dynamo. two minutes ahead of the reggio siren 83-84 And ball in hand. at 1’29 Jeff Brooks Brought the match to a draw again.

but it is with subsequent possession, the instant bomb of Polonara, Banker’s next/suicide turnover allowed kaukanas to report +5 And the match and the Scudetto were virtually called off. All over? No. To 48 seconds By the siren it was legitimate to think so, even if basketball has accustomed us to quick reversals from the front. Right here, from this moment on, we enter into the mysterious: Dynamo Timeout Ball A logan That gets the treble off the table and raises hopes again. Everything opens again for the fifteenth time: of the valley The race to 5,000 and beyond leaves one breathless but the championship shot missed. sanders takes the rebound passes the ball Jerome Dyson which hesitates for 8 seconds from the end (“shot!” Everyone in the stands shouts at him) when he starts up and crushes the basket of life and the new equality flings the fiber filled palas with joy and who experienced one of the most thrilling moments ever Is. Dinamo would win the playoffs in overtime and the match considered the best of the entire season. it will go race 7, Reggio Emilia will have everything: heavy losses in the first quarter, slow recovery, hope, soda who comes to ‘contact’ with a fan, the last throbbing seconds separated from the feat, the party after the shot of the former and lived with bated breath with irrepressible joy Drake Diner.

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