2021, SpaceX plans to Send tourists into space : Okezone techno


SAN FRANCISCO – SpaceX to carry three tourists to the International space station (ISS) at the beginning of 2021, quoted inews. SpaceX, in collaboration with the startup-Axiom-room, with its headquarters in Houston.

Designed private travel to the ISS with a riding Crew capsule, SpaceX’s Dragon, which is in the final stages of testing. A fourth seat will receive a astronauts Axiom formed that the task of the commander of the flight and the observation of the tourists during the eight days they are in ISS.

Both SpaceX and Axiom has not shown that the price of the ticket. But according to The New York Times, the Axiom already said, the seats would dollars the cost of 55 million US, or about Rp748 billion.

Axiom reported, will be sent a fee in the amount of 35 thousand US dollars, or about Rp499 million per night for the stay in the space station, with most of the funds of 55 million dollars to SpaceX for use of transportation services. Although the price is not cheap, but a seat was reported to have been sold.

Managing Director of Axiom Micheal Suffrendini said flight is space, are an important moment in the journey in the direction of the universal.

“This will be the first of many missions to the ISS, which is fully staffed and managed by Axiom-room-one of the first commercial companies,” said Suffrendini quoted by Digital Trends.