2023, Nicki Minaj and women will dominate American rap

2022 marked a record in terms of releases and it will be interesting to see who, in 2023, besides Nicki Minaj will be able to stand up to the major pop stars on the planet. In these lines we then wanted to collect the names of the women we will hear about in the coming months.

Nicki Minaj owns 2023: an album, a documentary and a tour in the pipeline.

The queen of the game has just returned with Red Ruby From Sleeze, a taste of his upcoming studio album. Nicki Minaj has confirmed herself as one of the longest-lasting rappers in the history of hip-hop and each release of her is able to create an incredible stir on social and otherwise.

2023 will not only be the year of the new musical project, but also of the long-awaited documentary. Onika had revealed the existence of the mini-series in 2018 and, over the following years, anticipated its launch several times, always betraying the expectations of the fan base. However, it seems that a few months separate us from these ten hours of unreleased material that will take us behind the scenes of Nicki Minaj’s private and professional life.

Cardi B: Living up to expectations?

Cardi B’s rise to success – between 2017 and 2019 – was unbelievable. Before long, the artist became the rapper with the most #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the first woman to win the Grammy in the category of Best Rap Album.

Archived Invasion of Privacy, Cardi limited herself to releasing singles in no particular order. In the course of various interviews, she confessed that she struggles daily with considerable performance anxiety: the album seems to have been ready for some time, but the rapper never seems to be happy with the final result.

What is certain is that Cardi B, in the course of this 2023, will certainly be able to get people talking.

Megan Thee Stallion: what perspective?

Equally phenomenal has been the rise of Megan Thee Stallion. With three Grammys and two #1s, the Texan artist has managed to brand an entire philosophy of life by leveraging her originality and passion for rap. Traumazines however, it was not – according to our editorial staff – up to expectations despite having found enthusiastic and unanimous criticism.

The album launch went hand in hand with the Tory Lanez affair and some issues with the label, who have put art in the background. However, Megan has the talent and potential to return to the top and we are very curious to hear the direction that the new record will take – confirmed for 2023.

Doechii: a new era for TDE

As we told you HERE, Doechii joined the TDE roster last year. The rapper is the breath of fresh air that the game has needed for some time now: the artist has put on the plate a creativity with few precedents and an equally incomparable versatility.

THE P She Her Black B has demonstrated his ability to grapple with different genres and the debut album will have the task of leaving even more room for this talent. So let’s get ready for pop was by Doechii, about to shake the music industry to its foundations.

“This year I’ll show it to you. It’s my pop era. Usually, I go to the studio by myself, but I recently invited several people. Generally, I like to get backing tracks sent to me and listen to them, but lately I’ve been working with producers like J White myself.”

Lola Brooke: eyes open on Brooklyn-branded talent

We at Rapologia immediately bet on Lola Brooke. In recent weeks, the rapper has begun to intensify her presence in clubs and radio stations, from whose microphones she has demonstrated her potential. To date, the artist has only released a few singles – Don’t Play Wit It the most famous and So Disrespectful the most recent, but the debut tape should arrive within the year Lil Big Mama.

Lola has already garnered support from the likes of Foxy Brown and Future. Hers His street credibility and authenticity make her one of the most interesting names on the scene today and we are sure we will hear about her for a long time to come: her career is still in its infancy.

Buckle up because these rappers – Nicki Minaj above all – will know how to make 2023 one of the most memorable years in rap history. In the meantime, you can catch up on the latest episode of our podcast, where we talked about the current status of the genre… enjoy listening!

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