21 Vallecaucanos receives government award

Talents promoted: 21 Bale Khao Kanoes promoted by govt

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In the “Vallecaucanidad meeting”, the departmental government Recognition of over 20 invincible Valle Cauca residents and institutions for their outstanding contributions to the region Business, education, health, culture, sports and other fields.

To this end, Governor Clara Luz Roldán Presentation of the Vallecaucano Medal of Merit to 21 individuals and institutions for their dedication and work This means development in the region.

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“Before this government ends, we want to pay tribute to our friends, to those who have given so much to this sector, to those who truly belong in the valley of invincibility. Today, we want to tell this group of honorees that we feel so much for you Proud, we are very proud that Valle del Cauca has such loyal people, so we have a lot of love for this department.”

Clara Luz Roldán, Governor of the Valley.

It should be noted that among the recognized Valle del Cauca Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra, who held important positions in the public, private and social sectors In the Valle Cauca and Colombia; among them the High Commissioner for Peace, the President of Ecopetrol and the President of the Carvajal Organization stand out.

“I want to thank the governor because at this age, people get so little recognition. It’s a really nice tribute.”

Alfredo Carvajal Sinistra, businessman.

On the other hand, it is also distinguished Adriana Herrera Botta, providing strategic leadership in companies and institutions Public, union and private sectors in the region. Currently, he is the president of Earth’s Healing Columbia, a Colombian-American company.

“I am very honored that the Governor has given me such high praise for my work, because I have worked in silence all my life, and I have worked in the public, private and union sectors. We all need support to grow the Cauca Valley and make progress “.

Adriana Herrera Botha, businesswoman.

Finally, in this ceremony Tribute to former skater Luz Mery Tristán, who was awarded the Valle Corcano Order of Meritby the Doge to her children Valeria and Mario Valencia, and to her sister Victoria Tristan.

Recognized Barle Corcano wines are:

  • Julio César Ávila Sarría, Sports President of the Paralympic Committee.
  • Sandra Patricia Alfaro Barragán, Health Nutritionist.
  • Andrea Buenaventura Borrero, Culture.
  • Alba Lucía Borrero, Albita Shampoo, Culture.
  • Julio Cesar Giraldo Jaramillo, Architecture.
  • Manuel Felipe Gutierrez, Chairman, Ani; Commercial.
  • Jose Ariza, commercial.
  • Regional Pacific Channel, Culture.
  • Cecilia Payan Dulces del Valle, Commercial.
  • Litoruiz SAS printer, commercial.
  • University of San Buenaventura, Cali; Education.
  • Columbia Dental College, Education.
  • Carlos Andres Caicedo Vargas “Andy Caicedo”; Culture.
  • Luis Eduardo Hernandez Cadena “Mixed Race”; Culture.
  • Mario Correa Rengifo Department Hospital, Health.
  • Tax and Legal Advice “Restrepo y Londono Smartx, Commercial”.
  • Alberto Díaz Acosta, Hotel Buga de Guadalajara; Commercial.

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