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MEXICO CITY – ​​According to the 2021 National Survey of Educational Opportunity and Persistence (ENAPE) conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), an average of 25% of students admitted to feeling strained or During the school period, we should not only pay attention to the physical health of the students, but also pay attention to the mental health of the students.

Dr. Karen Rodriguez, a pediatric allergist, said, “Children’s stuffy nose and constant sneezing not only make it difficult for them to breathe, but also disrupt their sleep and reduce their concentration in school. These problems directly affect their academic performance. , as they worry more about breathing than learning, creating physical discomfort and constant distraction.”

In this case, the practice of daily nasal cleansing and conscious breathing, together with Stérimar (a 100% seawater nasal solution), becomes an essential practice for physical and mental well-being, facilitating a return to class without complications for effective learning and healthy. adapt to the school environment.

“It is imperative that we provide tools to manage stress and stress, and this is where mindful breathing with the help of Stérimar and daily nasal cleansing come into play. This simple but effective technique allows students to calm down and focus, reducing the impact of stress on negative impact on their health,” Dr Rodriguez added.

The nasal passages are the first line of defense of the respiratory system and are constantly exposed to particles, allergens and pathogens present in the environment. By using a nasal wash daily to clean the nasal passages, parents and caregivers can help their children minimize the buildup of these irritants, thereby reducing the risk of colds and respiratory infections such as sinusitis.

Together with the practice of conscious breathing, Stérimar is a comprehensive solution for the respiratory and emotional well-being of students. Additionally, it contributes to physical health by making breathing easier and improving oxygen flow, while mindful breathing develops essential skills for coping with everyday stress.

Dr. Rodriguez emphasized that daily nasal cleansing is a simple but effective strategy for maintaining airway health. Reduces the burden on the immune system by gently removing impurities and allergens, allowing children to face the school environment with a stronger infection resistance.

The focus on emotional balance in the school environment is an investment in the future, creating an environment that nourishes the mind and body by promoting practices such as nasal cleansing and conscious breathing, supported by the efficacy of Stérimar.

To learn more about Stérimar and its role in the well-being of children during the school season, visit https://sterimar.com.mx/.



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