25% Of Users Of Windows Operating Systems Still Use Windows 7!!!


INDOZONE.ID In January 2020, Microsoft has officially stopped its support for the Windows 7 operating system. Now Microsoft is trying to push users to Update to a newer version of Windows.

However, recently, NetMarketShare statistics published on the user’s computer-operating system, be it Windows, MacOS, and even Linux. Seem that the current users of Windows 7 are still paying 25%.

Of course, this proves that there are still Windows 7 users are reluctant to upgrade to a newer operating system such as Windows 8.1 and also Windows 10.

The percentage of users of the operating system of the computer
The percentage of users of the operating system of the computer (photo/NetMarketShare about. Windows latest)

Although the current Windows user of Windows 10, the latest version is dominated, however, the percentage is the number of Windows 7 users is still very high when compared with other operating systems.

As informed earlier, Windows 7 users today, no security support from Microsoft, so that devices with these operating systems are very vulnerable to hacked by hackers.

But we will see over the next few months, if the Windows 7 are reluctant users to upgrade to the latest version of Windows or still comfortable with the Windows version, it is his safety can be guaranteed.

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