25N in Paraná: A march against violence against women was held – Paraná

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is commemorated on the day. Social and political organizations, unions and self-organized women denounced the increase in acts of gender violence. It was replicated in various parts of the country and the world.

The mobilization began in Su Santidad Francisco street, in front of the Cathedral and they moved through different streets of Paraná towards Government House.
“For a feminist world,” says the poster leading the mobilization.

From the Women’s Assembly, one of the participants of the march, assured Elonce tv: “We have always been supporting the Women’s Movement; we are fed up with femicides; We ask for Tehuel, let us not forget that he is still a disappeared person in a democracy and like him many. They keep killing women, enough femicides! We demand justice for all the women who have died in this time ”.

Agostina, from the group of transvestites and trans, of the Women’s Assembly, assured Elonce tv: “We are claiming for the murdered trans comrades, for the transvesticides and transfemicides. We continue to claim and fight in the streets, all together. We need access to work; even though today the trans-work quota is regulated, there are still colleagues who are still waiting and who live in a very precarious situation ”.

Nadia Burgos, for her part, stressed that “this November 25 we must take to the streets again to demand the cessation of sexist violence against women and dissidents. Today is a very particular day of struggle, this day commemorates the death of the Mirabal sisters. We want to say that we can build a world free of violence, for that it is necessary immediate comprehensive responses, that is why we ask for the emergency in gender violence with a real budget, that is why we will also continue fighting so that the laws that we have conquered are applied , such as legal abortion, the comprehensive sexual education law and denouncing the adjustment that falls on our lives ”.

The march was concentrated in Plaza Mansilla, in front of the Government House. “It is beautiful to go back to the streets and be able to be the voice to be able to be aware and reinforce the idea that we must be aware of the violence that crosses us daily and based on that, raise our voice so that there are public policies, that it is counted with genuine resources to accompany and support all victims of gender violence, ”said another of the participants in the mobilization, adding that she was a participant in the association Libres.

“Every time we are with fewer words to say and more things to do. Six years after the first ‘Not one less’ we can only demand that this situation ends. My poster says ‘The oppressive state is a male rapist’, it refers to what was the mobilization in Chile that now has a right-wing government at the door; I feel that being on the street, is telling the right wing that we are not going to give it away, what remains is to find ourselves among ourselves to build a more livable world, “said another of the women who called for the mobilization.

Another participant began by detailing the slogan of her poster: “With clothes or without clothes, my body is not touched.” And she added that they constitute “the voices of women who are no longer there.”

The document

In the document, the protesters assured that they marched “Against the validity of a political, economic, penal and social system that violates women, lesbians, transvestites and transsexuals, and supports the feminization of poverty and the subjugation of our bodies.”

“We conquered our right to decide, and today we continue to fight against all fundamentalisms and we cry out once again for democracy, social justice, the validity of human rights and access to public health: legal, safe and free abortion!” they stressed.

Among the challenges expressed in the document they mentioned “effective compliance with the Comprehensive Sex Education Law with a scientific and secular vision on sexuality and with a gender perspective for the entire educational system.”

“We demand real public policies to defend the rights of children. We want a world where girls are girls, not mothers!”

They also demanded the separation of the church from the state. “The State must stop subsidizing private and confessional education, and also must not finance the structure of any cult,” they said.

They also denounced “class and patriarchal justice” and assured that “sexual crimes do not prescribe”, in the face of recent rulings that ruled otherwise for the benefit of those convicted of sexual abuse.

On the other hand, they stated that so far this year there have been 229 femicides, 10 transvesticides, 10 linked femicides of women and girls, 14 linked of men and boys, “that is, 1 femicide every 34 hours.”

“This current horror, which in October means more femicides than days, is the result of all the irresponsibility of the different powers of the State. We fight for Justice for femicides still unpunished: Gisela López, Jésica Dos Santos, Lucía Torres Mansilla, Rucu Silva , Eliana Ledesma “, they expressed in the document.

“We demand a budget for an emergency law on gender violence now!” They continued.

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