26 injured in 26 games this semester

“We have suffered a lot of injuries and that gives you a bitter taste every game. I don’t like it because we are disintegrating as a campus. “Bad taste joke, damn, a thing of fate … River With injuries this semester could be called a lot of names, but he has a certainty: it is not normal. Yes, it is not normal for a First team to suffer 26 conditions of all kinds in the same number of games in the semester. AND Marcelo gallardo it does not escape this situation, even if his answers are already almost in a loop.

Only fate will know if the elbow dislocation of Enzo Perez of this Sunday against Platense was the last drop of a glass that is already full: with the 26 affections of all kinds suffered in the same number of games that has been played in this semester, the average gives one drop per game, which practically made it impossible for Gallardo to repeat a team on two consecutive dates. Believe or burst…

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The number of injuries becomes more striking considering that River has been competing for 18 weeks (It started on July 14 in the first leg of the eighth of the Libertadores against Argentinos), which gives a worrying average of three absences every 14 days.

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Until Enzo’s, the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee of Felipe Pena and the tear in the left quadriceps of Benjamin Rollheiser (both against Patronato, two weeks ago) had been River’s last two injuries in the semester. Breaking them down, they are 19 muscular and another seven of different kinds (cardiac and venous, bone and ligament conditions).

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All River injuries in the semester

Leonardo Ponzio: post coronavirus myocarditis

Fabrizio Angileri: pubalgia

Agustin Fontana: left hamstring tear

Robert Rojas: pubalgia

Matias Suarez: mild left adductor strain

Gonzalo montiel: grade 1 left hamstring

Javier Pinola: right ulna fracture

Nicolas de la Cruz: right calf fatigue

Fabrizio Angileri: left hamstring tear

Jonatan maidana: left anterior rectus tear

Jorge Carrascal: left straight fatigue

Nicolas de la Cruz: left psoas fatigue

Felipe Pena: left hamstring tear

Milton Helmet: left hamstring strain

David martinez: left quadriceps tear

Braian romero: left adductor tear

Matias Suarez: right knee synovitis

Fabrizio Angileri: left hamstring tear

Enzo Perez: fifth metatarsal fissure right foot

Nicolas de la Cruz: venous thrombosis right foot

Fabrizio Angileri: left hamstring tear

Paulo Diaz: right adductor tear

Fabrizio Angileri: left hamstring injury

Felipe Peña: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee

Benjamin Rollheiser: left quadriceps tear

Enzo Perez: left elbow dislocation

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