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3 books that will soon be screened

The series inspired by the best book of 2020 according to the New York Times Book Review, “The Chestnut Man” premiered on Netflix on September 29.

Literature has always been an important source of inspiration for cinema. Some of the greatest films were born out of books, and the debate “the book is better than the film or vice versa” has been held many times in the past, without anyone being able to claim absolute justice. Today, however, when famous actors like Reese Witherspoon are the hosts of such famous book clubs or directors who have made history as Søren Sveistrup conquer the world with the thrillers they write, the rivalry between literature and cinema seems artificial. It is a partnership that everyone can benefit from, especially book readers or moviegoers. Here are 3 books from Editorial Group Three which soon reach the big and small screens.

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The book ‘Where the Crayfish Sings’ is to be screened

Where the Crayfish Sings: Daisy Edgar-Jones, star of “Normal People” miniseries, starring

I can’t even say how much I love this book“, Said Reese Witherspoon on her Instagram account about Delia Owens’ novel, Where the Crayfish Sings. “It is about a young woman named Kya, who grew up alone in the swamps of North Carolina after her family abandoned her at an early age. There are so many in her story: love, mystery and a murder… I wish the novel never ended!“, The actress noted.

With an extraordinary flair for intuiting which books have the potential to turn into successful screenings, Reese Witherspoon selected a 5-star team and produced the film at her company, Hello Sunshine, for Sony Pictures. The star of the film is Daisy Edgar-Jones, known from the miniseries “Ordinary People”. Taylor John Smith, who became popular due to his role in the thriller “Sharp Objects”, is Daisy Edgar-Jones’ partner, and the negative role is played by British actor Harris Dickinson. Directed by Olivia Newman and written by an Oscar-nominated screenwriter Lucy Alibar, Where the Crayfish Sings promises to be a hit. Filming has already ended, and the film is in the post-production phase, and will appear on the big screens on June 22 next year.

Where the crayfish sing – inspired by a murder the writer witnessed

The story of the book written by Delia Owens deserves to be screened itself. First of all, no one would have expected the novel to be a bestseller. Prior to its publication, Delia Owens was a well-known scientist, but she had never written fiction. He worked on the novel for more than 10 years and published it at the age of 70 – a fulminating debut, which exceeded all expectations! The book was originally published in a modest circulation of 28,000 copies, but by the end of the year it had become the best-selling book of 2019 in the United States, whether it was fiction or nonfiction. This after spending 124 weeks in the top bestseller New York Times.

The American press wrote that Where the Crayfish Sings is inspired by a real murder, which the writer witnessed. While in Zambia with her family to study wildlife, Delia Owens became an active activist in combating elephant poaching. In 1995, an ABC team made a documentary about the efforts of Delia Owens and her husband to rescue elephants, and at one point, the camera records the deadly shooting of a poacher by someone in the writer’s entourage. Her name was not involved in the open investigation into the crime investigation, but her husband and son were investigated. Moreover, following the tensions, the US embassy called the two in the country, because it could no longer guarantee their security.

The man with chestnuts – a series from one of the best creators of the noir genre

There are about two weeks until the worldwide launch of the series “The Man with Chestnuts” on Netflix, eagerly awaited by fans of the genre Scandi Noir. Screening of Søren Sveistrup’s debut novel of the same name and conceived in the good tradition of Nordic noir film, The Chestnut Man stars Danica Curcic, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and Iben Dorner. The screenplay is written by Søren Sveistrup, an author translated into 33 languages ​​and published in 50 countries. Søren Sveistrup is the director and screenwriter of the Danish series “Forbrydelsen”, awarded the Bafta Prize, which made the Scandinavian noir style famous and inspired the American remake “The Killing”. The action in “The Man with the Chestnuts” is set in Copenhagen, where, on a cold October day, the body of a young woman is found, without a hand, who has next to her a doll made of chestnuts, a popular figurine among Danish children. The case seems simple, until the imprint found on the doll complicates things. It belongs to the daughter of a politician, who disappeared years ago and was presumed dead. But if that were the case, how did her mark on the chestnut doll appear?

The series inspired by the best book of 2020 according to the New York Times Book Review, “The Chestnut Man” premiered on Netflix on September 29.

The Cactus – Reese Witherspoon, the main role in this romantic comedy she produces

Delicious Susan made me laugh out loud“Says Reese Witherspoon about the protagonist of the novel The Cactus by Sarah Haywood, published by Editura Trei. The Hollywood actress and producer didn’t think long until she announced that she had won the lead role in the screening of this romantic comedy that she will produce at her Hello Sunshine production house. The Cactus was the book of June 2019 at Reese Witherspoon’s Reading Club, which declared itself conquered by the character Susan, a 45-year-old woman, obsessed with having everything under control. This succeeds for a while, and her life is exactly as she wanted. He has the dream apartment, the ideal job and a hassle-free relationship. The arrangement comes with some drawbacks: you can’t get close to Susan, just like you can’t touch a cactus. However, from her point of view, foreseeable situations are preferable. But life takes revenge and, after becoming pregnant, Susan has all the unpredictability she has avoided, an inexhaustible source of funny moments for readers and future viewers. Romantic comedy is in production for Netflix.

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