3 books to reread the classics in an original way

For many summer is the perfect time to read or reread the great classics of literature to which you will not have time to devote during the trance-trance of the daily routine during the rest of the year. Just Google “classics for summer reading” to find a very long list of suggestions. titles not to be missed.

Summer is also the perfect time to experiment, relax, go beyond. In short, now is a good time to devote yourself to less obvious and private readings, even taking some risks.

However, if without a thought to rush to the pages of the great classic, why not be tempted by the original rereading?

Characters, setting, universe – that’s what we know, but textures and details change, giving everything a new face.

Here you are 3 hints books that can give an unexpected twist to stories that we thought we knew to the last line.

Pride, Prejudice and ZombiesSeth Graham-Smith, North Publishing, 386 pp. €12.90

Who didn’t love Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy? Two centuries after its publication, after dramas and vintage films that brought hot passion of the main characters and the sentimental affairs of the Bennet family in general, the most famous enemy-lover plot in literary history has found a new—and disturbing—face in the pages of Seth Graham-Smith.

An updated but faithful version of the classic from Jane Austen, catapults the quiet village of Meryton into a universe populated by brain-hungry zombies, and transforms the Victorian Bennet sisters into heroines ready to crush the undead with hand-to-hand combat and white weapons. Not forgetting love stories, broken hearts and unforgettable confessions.

From a book that had a sequel called Until death unites you (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Terrible Forever) – a film of the same name was made with Lily James as Elizabeth and Sam Riley as Mr. Darcy. Also starring Matt Smith, Lena Headey and Charles Dance.

Gospel of BiffChristopher Moore, Elliot, 432 pp., €14.50

Comet star, manger, magi: everyone knows how Jesus was born, but also how he died.: passion, crucifixion, resurrection. The Gospels tell us about his miracles and his greatness, his encounters and his humility: but who talks about the childhood of the Messiah?

For this in the pages of Moore Levy, known as Biff, childhood friend of jesus, resurrected as an angel precisely at the behest of the Son, in order to write the true story of his life. An unexpected story – between kung fu and demons, Tibetan monks and “Maddi”, Kamasutra and divine sparks on a journey through Palestine, the Buddhist Himalayas and Hindu India.

A book that makes you laugh out loudbut full of tenderness, in which irony and depth mingle to depict the most human (and incredible) face of Jesus and his inseparable companion.

The Charlotte Holmes caseBrittany Cavallaro, Feltrinelli Editore, 304 pages, 16 €

Holmes and Watson. Sherlock and John. Detective and former army medic. Right? Not really. The duet created by Arthur Conan Doyle – speaking of surprise readings, did you know that he also wrote one of the most famous dinosaur books? – thanks to the pen of Brittany Cavallaro, they acquire completely different faces and stories.

No more Baker Street detectives, but their great-grandchildren: James Watson, an aspiring writer and rugby player by chance, and Charlotte Holmes, who, like her ancestor, loves the violin and chemistry and shares with him not only extraordinary deductive powers, but also a certain addiction to substances that are not entirely legal.

They meet at an American college. and find themselves at the center of a murder investigation in which they are the only suspects. After the success of the series Enola Holmes on Netflix, new heroine Follow in the footsteps of the most famous detective of all time in the company of an exceptional assistant.


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