3 Ways You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting and Starving

Three sure-fire ways to lose weight without dieting: Proven to workfree graph

Dieting to lose weight can be torture. Many have no foundation and do not give the expected results. Others are unaffordable due to their extremely low calorie content and are not sustainable in the medium to long term. Almost all of them have one thing in common: you must be hungry.


real You have to have a lot of willpower to lose weight through dieting.Many times it is easier to lose weight without setting so many restrictions, as long as you eat healthy and exercise. For this, the key is to choose foods that fill you up and have good nutritional qualities. Three listeners at Cadena COPE revealed how they made it happen.

One infusion to lose weight 28 catties

Infusions Can Also Help You With Digestive Issues

Joaquín from Seville has lost 28 kg. He weighed 118kg and dropped to 90kg in six years…without dieting.In fact, he occasionally snacks: “I usually have some chocolate palms and a little donut before bed because it helps me fall asleep.” In addition to willpower, he needs impulsiveness ginger teawhich can help you lose weight if you eat well and exercise.

A cooking trick made him lose 33% of his body weight

Meats and Vegetables Are Healthier When Roasted

carlos He weighed 100kg and has now dropped to 64kg. He’s 1’60 and that weight caused him a lot of trouble, even with everyday things like tying his shoes. He realized he had to make a change, and he did so by focusing on the basics.went Grilled Food-Based Nutrition, a cooking technique that is healthier than frying food. Of course, he had to make another sacrifice: keep the candy.

He’s lost 10kg… He ate too much for breakfast!

Tony loses weight by eating a big breakfast: coffee, oranges, cheese and fruit

Tony’s example lose 10 kg It’s also hopeful.On the doctor’s advice, he decided to gamble increase food for breakfast, because by eating a diet with few calories, he would feel dizzy. “I get up, I have a cup of coffee and an orange, and an hour and a half later I have a piece of cheese and another cup of coffee, and another hour or a piece of fruit.” Eat less at lunchtime and in the evening.

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