3 weapons-FF Deadly melee-fire 2020


There are 3 weapons-FF deadly short-range fire, that you can use during the battle. As we know, the fire was Free-to-play played by many people from all corners of the world, of course, this makes the game pretty cool. Because it is already proven that fire is Free in the location, a complete player who is very much up to now.

The total number of the player who plays the game already has 250 million players from all over the world. With a total much, of course, the Garena many events and other interesting updates presented.

Now, also, the of Garena free fire already present and open up a Server the Advanced the latest. The course is a lot of new events, as well as many other exciting updates that will be present for some time in the future. In addition, Garena has presented a lot of types of weapons that you can use.

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In this way, you are able to determine which weapons fit with the gameplay, or It can be used as a Rusher, and there are also those that can be used to play in a safe and awake.

Even so, you also have the weapon to equip with the system, which is already in the game. This should be made so that the performance of these weapons to use more.

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Well, on this occasion, because of the many types of weapons, we will give you some of the best options. Not be used from a safe distance, but from a short distance and turn off the enemy quickly.

Curious? We refer especially to the statement in the article below, Yes.

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3 weapons-FF Deadly melee-fire 2020

  1. M1014

The first weapon, and proves to be quite deadly, specialized in the in the vicinity of the M1014 is. Such weapons have a type of shotgun, in fact, we also know that the shotgun is a melee weapon that is very deadly.

Well, until now, weapons M1014 is still used often by many people. Of course, Rusher, as well as you think you are, if the enemy is trying to approach. Damage from this weapon, enemies can headshot kill with only one shot. This weapon counts as the first, the gun is lethal, fire at will

  1. Weapons FF Deadly close range MP40

3 weapons-FF Deadly melee-fire 2020

Would not be complete, if you have a deadly weapon melee no MP40. Type of weapon, the SMG has a damage and rate of fire, very quickly, of course it would be great, up close and personal. Also this weapon is very powerful and deadly, when it was specialized in the vicinity. This gun includes gun smg best free fire 2020

Weapons FF Deadly close range, the MP40 is very popular with the pro-player, because his ability is quite dangerous. But unfortunately, you should be able to, with caution. Due to the accuracy of the weapons is less, so will have a good concentration.

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  1. M79

3 weapons-FF Deadly melee-fire 2020

Weapons FF Deadly melee Free-fire-2020 last fatal the vicinity, M79, a weapon has, the damage is very big. To be once again the shot according to the country, of course, immediately the blood of the enemies can run fast and be able to be killed easily.

But if you want to use this weapon, you should be able to be the distance also. If a blast from this weapon for you, the auto-damage that is produced, is about Yourself. Instead of killing the enemy, instead of suicide to use these weapons.

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This is good that the information is, the 3 arms FF of the Deadly short-range fire-Free in 2020, we can convey on this occasion. How? Whether you are interested in, try one of these weapons?

That’s all, thanks and greetings Super.