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Among the exceptional spirits, there is also the result of the collaboration between Moët Hennessy and Cuba Ron: thisEminent Ámbar Claro 3 years ago, a blend of rums that combines aged aguardientes for complex and deep flavors, and extra light rums for liveliness and character. And again the iconic ones are present Belvedere Vodka and a variety of tequila, including the newest bottle Volcano De Mi Tierra Blanco, with fresh and strong notes. Instead, in the portfolio of Bacardi Martini Group we find Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru, London Dry, which celebrates the freshness of Fino lemons from Murcia and Navel citrus fruits combined with notes of fresh elderberry from Saint Germain. Finally, it is confirmed that Altamura Distilleries with their premium vodkathe only one in the world derived exclusively from 100% Altamura wheat.

Among the sponsors of the group Diageo with their reserve portfolio; Cordusiusthe brand founded by Chris Tanka, which took its name from the historic Milanese square and produced the world’s first red berry aperitif; Mescaleros Italywith artisanal Picaflor Mezcal Artezanal mezcal, Paranubes rum obtained by wild fermentation of Mexican sugarcane juice, Palomo mezcal inspired by the family tradition of Don Victor Mendez in the 1930s, and finally a distillate obtained from wild plants Sotol Flor del Desierto Sotol.

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