30 families evacuated from Beyonce’s London tour

About this 30 families at risk of being evicted from Enfield Travelodge because their rooms were booked by fans beyonce Stopping in London late May-early June for the Renaissance World Tour.

Homeless people living in a structure north of the English capital will be relocated, the Guardian reports alternative temporary accommodation When the concerts began at the nearby Tottenham Hotspur Stadium after the council failed to increase their bookings.

Five nights are scheduled for the pop star from May 29 to June 4.

Beyonce returns to the scene with Renaissance World Tour

homeless in travelodge hotel

About 100 rooms, two-thirds of which are in the hotel, are currently Book by Enfield Town Council which made them available to families and individuals who declared themselves homeless. Some rooms can even accommodate four or five people.

But the local administration has failed to extend bookings to the 30 families that will be expiring on the day of the concert, which means many of them will have to leave. The Travelodge reservation system does not allow long term room reservations and hence, requires regular renewal.

Enfield Council is booking around 100 rooms at local Travelodge hotels for the poorest families

there can be rooms Lasts only for 28 days At such times and in the past the homeless have had to move to other accommodation at short notice when the council has failed to re-book rooms before they become occupied by people attending large local events.

Some families told the Guardian that local authorities often wait until the deadline before making new bookings.

dispossessed families

Enfield Town Council was concerned Effect Beyoncé’s upcoming tour could have an impact on families living in travel lodges. But perhaps it turned out to be worse than expected.

Those who had to leave the hotel temporarily say the process was extremely problematic: In addition to taking all their belongings with them, their children were forced to do the same. drop out of school,

Colette: “I have autistic twins. Eviction is also a problem for my mental health”

The Guardian tells the story Colette Collington, 42, who has been living at the Anfield facility since the beginning of the month. She lives in a single room with her four-year-old daughter and children Two-year-old twins, both with autism, She was told last Monday that she would be moving to a travel lodge in Hertfordshire on 26 May and would not return to her home district until 4 June.

“I can’t sleep right now, but this news is really disturbing. This is not good for me, my mental health and my two youngest children they need stability, Whenever we find a place to live, it takes time for them to settle there.

Colette Collington, 42, has been living at the hotel with her children since early May after her private landlord raised her rent (The Guardian)

They also have to follow the same routine. It would be very painful for them – the woman explained -. It is absurd how the council is handling this situation, it is like an invasion.”

When she had to leave her room with all her belongings “It was really upsetting. i suffer from anxiety so i got worried a panic attack And I really cried.” In the end, however, she was able to stay in another hotel room, which the municipality obtained for her that same day.

So all was well in Collington, but this one was practically unique: Another mother of three was left stranded outside a hotel with all her belongings for nearly 12 hours before being transported to a chain hotel in Hertfordshire.

City Council: “The Problem of the National Housing Shortage”

A spokesman for Enfield Council said: “In the event that Travelodge is unable to offer single and family rooms, we will do our best to find an alternative.” adequate accommodation With the least possible inconvenience”. However, the pop star’s concerts are underway and hundreds of fans are flocking to the city looking for temporary accommodation for the shows.

According to staff at Enfield Council and the Travelodge hotel chain, the problem of the lack of affordable housing is structural and cannot be solved through temporary solutions designed for these families.

The occupants of those rooms are at a disadvantage, as they have no other house to go to. “We recognize that hotel accommodation is not ideal for homeless families – say officials – and that is why we continue to push for national action that addresses fundamental housing shortage at affordable prices”.

This was echoed by a staff member at Travelodge, who said: “We have been working with Enfield Council to provide short term accommodation for a number of years. All parties understand that this is a temporary arrangement, awaiting a definitive solution to be found by the local authorities.

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