30% increase in rotavirus gastroenteritis cases nationwide

the case acute gastroenteritis go through Rotavirus exist children he Increase Exponential growth at last two months inside IESS Quitonan Hospital.between January and June used to be 100 casesand only in August They will 207 infections, and 40% need Hospitalization go through dehydration.

still not clear reason of Increase,but doctor combine it with school holiday Regime Sierra Leone and the Amazon ended last week, so this shows Karen MelloPediatric Coordinator, IESS South Quito Hospital.


“It’s a time when viruses are more prolific; it’s cold and kids don’t wash their hands as often.”

inside Baca Ortiz Pediatric Hospitalalso in the capital, other 109 cases positive aspects of Rotavirusin the past two months.

Greta Munoz The infection specialist at the Vaca Ortiz Hospital points out some reasons:


“Given that this is a transmissible disease of pregnancy and that it’s happening due to climate change, we’ve seen a slight increase in incidence.”


“Gastroenteritis can be viral or bacterial, and when patients come back for testing, we can see positive for rotavirus.”

Is a disease This is transmitted through shit and contact hands and mouth.this doctor they ask health measures as handwashing.

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