30 years of magic and innovation

Every time you go back to Disneyland Paris it’s always the first time, but now it’s even more special, because it’s the park’s 30th anniversary.

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i didn’t go back Disneyland Paris For 20 years, just saying it makes an impact, then when you go back and do it with your grandchildren, the feeling is amplified. But beyond the initial nervousness of the natural comparison of experience, the eyes of children who enter the gates of Mickey Mouse and company’s house for the first time help you to re-calibrate the compass, to restore balance immediately. Yes, a lot has changed at Disneyland Paris over the years (and it looks like Disney wants to use your Disney+ history to personalize your park experience), but Retains the essence of what makes it special: the ability to return us, even if only for a short time, to the sense of wonder and lightness we felt as children. This is the magical power of Disneyland Paris, which transcends generations and brings hearts together like a bridge between the past and the future.

Between tradition and innovation: 30 years of Disneyland Paris

the park has changed It’s gotten bigger, more beautiful, more spectacularAll are decorated with purple and fuchsia, colors chosen to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening, with flowers and garlands at the door of every shop or restaurant.
The main park road, with the train crossing it in full American city style, opens its view Sleeping Beauty’s Royal CastleWhose golden tips glisten like a rainbow with the sun, magic gives way to adventure as you cross the drawbridge, pirate galleons, Jack Sparrow’s kingdom, hidden tunnels, skulls (did you know what attractions The American version had actual human bones used?), magic lamps, flying carpets and inverted roller coasters.

According to tradition, after purchasing a pair of Minnie ears, One of the major stops is definitely the Small World attraction, which not only never gets old but always adds a piece of stunning beauty to its repertoire. You board a boat and, accompanied by sweet music sung by children, travel between the different cultures that inhabit the planet. An attraction suitable for both adult streamers and children.

But the real innovation of the park is found in Walt Disney Studios, which for some years has, among other things, avengers headquarters, Not only will you get to see Loki, Thor, Ant-Man, Star-Lord parading around, but you’ll also be able to take part in a real show with Spider-Man performing his stunts. The part dedicated to Avengers Campus is described in detail, You’ll feel like you’re in an actual Marvel movie, and one of the most beautiful and fun attractions is undoubtedly Peter Parker’s home, where you have fun helping Spider-Man defeat the Spider-Bot invasion. A gem of this attraction is the hologram of Tom Holland who speaks French!

an unforgettable experience

A ride in ’50s Old Hollywood, a picture at the famous doors of Monsters & Co., where you can test your Euroelometer, Nemo’s Carousel and Aladdin and then ritualistically, on the way out, stop in stores to choose the right gadget to take home, Very fashionable grog or ratatouille plush to attach via magnet to the shoulder. To hang out in the park with “another friend”.

Unforgettable placement in the 17.45 parade in honor of 30 years of the park, a real party where everyone is invited to participate, We leave just in time to watch the sun go down behind the palace, with a sunset that paints everything pink, a summer breeze that caresses your face and fireworks that color the sky reflected in the water Is. After 20 years, my eyes have also started shining again. Because every time you go back to Disneyland it’s always the first time, The children are happy, filled with memories that they will always cherish in their memory as a baptism of magic.

au revoir See you soon, Disneyland!

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