335 people affected by gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona, Aragon

he Protozoal gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona increase and 335 people have been affected, There have been 16 new cases since Sunday. The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon, the Municipal Council of Turiazon and a specialized laboratory continue their efforts to identify the source of the virus and find solutions.

The laboratory’s analysis consisted of collecting a 100-liter water sample from the Tarazona water network.. Its consumption is a common link among all affected, and agency officials assure that progress is being made. “The circle is closing, but we still can’t say exactly where in the network it was detected.. This protozoa has very special characteristics and routine treatment is not worth it,” said José Luis Bancalero, Minister of Health of the Government of Aragon.

Meanwhile, the Tarazona City Council continues to move forward with an action plan to accommodate the yet-to-be-discovered analysis results. “We can see two scenarios: we do continue to see traces of these microorganisms in the tank, or we do not find them..In each case, the decisions we make will be completely different,” added Mayor Antonio Jarre.

Likewise, efforts are underway to determine the date of onset of symptoms of the gastroenteritis outbreak, which would open up, in the words of Tarazona’s mayor, “another, more optimistic scenario.” at present, It is still recommended to drink bottled water or boil it.

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