36 years after being humiliated by ‘Black Jesus’, 66-year-old media veteran says 5-time All-Star is still ‘afraid’ of Michael Jordan

Everyone knows how great Michael Jordan is. He became a star as soon as he entered the NBA. Even in college, he won an NCAA championship with the University of North Carolina. But where do you think he ranks among the best college athletes of all time? That’s what Reggie Miller and a 66-year-old sportscaster were trying to argue.

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Miller had faced Jordan during his time in the league and was completely humiliated by Jordan in his rookie season. He never thought there was anyone else better than Jordan. But the sports broadcaster begs to differ.

Michael Jordan didn’t have an all-time great college career


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In a recently resurfaced segment of The Dan Patrick Show, Reggie Miller and Dan Patrick are discussing Michael Jordan’s college career. This led Reggie Miller to say Jordan’s career ranked in the top ten in college basketball history.

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What made Jordan stand out was his signature buzzer-beating shot that won the NCAA championship. But that doesn’t make him a top-10 player in college basketball history. He only played 3 years at the University of North Carolina and averaged 17 points per game, while Hansbrough averaged 20 points per game in 4 years at the University of North Carolina. That doesn’t make Jordan one of the greatest players in Dan Patrick’s mind.

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Then Dan Patrick said he chose Hansbrough over Jordan when comparing college careers. This led Miller to say: “what’s on your cup“, which shows that Dan Patrick was not in his right mind when he made this decision.

Dan Patrick replied: “You’re still afraid of Jordan. He’s not in your room.Anyway, Mike doesn’t like you.“. Dan reconfirmed his position. Miller couldn’t understand this after playing against Jordan in his career.


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Reggie Miller humbled by Jordan

Reggie Miller once said why he only trash talks Michael Jordan. During Miller’s rookie year, he faced Jordan in an exhibition game. Since he was a rookie and used trash talk to get in the minds of his opponents, he had some words for Jordan after the first quarter.

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At that time, Jordan scored 4 points and Miller scored 10 points. Jordan took note of his words and continued playing. At the end of the game, he scored 44 points and Miller scored 12 points. Jordan walked up to Miller and said: “Never talk trash about Black Jesus” Then walked away.


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Since then, Miller has never trash-talked Jordan again. How would you rate Michael Jordan’s college career? Let us know in the comments!

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