38th International Critics’ Week, official selection (Venice 80)

Expecting director Alberto Barbera to present the official program of the eightieth Venice International Film Festival tomorrow, Official selection autonomous area International Critics Week (SIC).

The autonomous part of the Venice Film Festival, the 38th International Critics’ Week, will take place from August 30 to September 9, 2023 and will consist of seven feature films that will compete for the award IWONDERFULL Grand Prixby decision of the international jury, and for Cinema Club Audience Award, which will instead be determined by public taste. In addition, works from International Critics Week, as well as all feature films presented during the Lagoon event, will be able to compete for the Leo of the Future – the Venice Prize for the first film “Luigi De Laurentiis”. Likewise, seven short films selected by the selection committee will be eligible to win awards for Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Technical Contribution.

As good as Author’s days International Critics Week is a parallel and autonomous section that further enriches the range of cinematic proposals that will arrive at the Lido at the end of August, to demonstrate how strong cinema still is and how much desire it still has to reinvent itself and move forward. towards the future, through new styles and new voices, to open up to everyone, including genre film lovers. In the Official selection, which you will find just below, there is a desire not to close the cinema with a simple authorship, but to open up to the genre, as evidenced by the presence of horror films, noir and crime films, as well as documentaries and personal stories. . At the center of the thirty-eighth edition of International Critics Week is the view: if you think about it, the seventh art exists primarily because there is and always will be someone who wants to look at it. the vision of a director or screenwriter turning “just” moving images into art. Details of the International Criticism Week program can be found on the official website of the event.

Criticism Week: Official Program

Feature films in competition

About last year
Dunya Lavechchia, Beatriz Surano, Morena Terranova (Italy)
Luna Carmun (UK)
Life is not a competition, but I win
Julia Fuhr Mann (Germany)
Love is a gun
Lee Hong-Chi (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Tana Gilbert (Chile, Germany)
Heavenly sounds
Moin Hussein (UK)
Adrien Beau (France)

Film out of competition

Introductory film
God is a woman
Andres Peyraud (France, Switzerland, Panama)
Final film
Sebastien Vanicek (France, Morocco)
Special screening
in collaboration with the Venice Film Festival and Giornate degli Autori
Critical Passion
Simone Isola, Franco Montini, Patrizia Pistagnesi (Italy)

SIC@SIC (Short Italian Cinema @ International Critics’ Week)

Short films in competition

From L’amour Perdu
Lorenzo Quagliozzi (Italy)
Group photo
Tommaso Frangini (Italy)
This is wrong
Fabrizio Paterniti Martello (Italy)
Terminator Line
Gabriele Biasi (Italy)
Las Memorias Perdidas De Los Arboles
Antonio La Camera (Italy, Spain)
Federico Dematte (Italy)
We should all be futurists
Angela Norelli (Italy)

Short films out of competition

Opening of a short film
Meeting at night
Liliana Cavani (Italy)
Final short film
Francesco Piras (Italy)

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