4 New Android Features That Will Make Your Devices Work Better Together (Even Not Android)

Google takes advantage of CES 2022 to announce a good handful of news that are coming to Android soon.

Living up to the motto Better together –better together–, Google has taken advantage of its presence in the CES 2022 from Las Vegas to announce new measures and functions, with which the company intends to continue improving the interconnected ecosystem of devices through Android.

As the company itself has announced, the objective is to make user devices work better together, although these are not part of the Android ecosystem. To achieve this, new quick connection and configuration solutions, lock or devices remotely, faster switching between devices and much more, which we will see below.

New Android Features

Thanks to the new features of Android, your ecosystem of devices will work better.

Quick setup of new devices

Fast Pair is the system developed by Google to facilitate the connection and control of Bluetooth devices through our Android smartphone or tablet. To date, it has been used to connect Android phones to accessories more than 100 million times, and from now on it will be an even more useful system.

Google claims to be working with the goal of making this system work with a wider variety of devices, including wearables, speakers, headphones, cars, televisions or smart home devices.

In that sense, in addition, soon Fast Pair will be included in ChromeOS so that it is easier to connect and control headphones to our Chromebook. And later, those who buy a new Chromebook will be able to use their Android mobile to quickly configure it and immediately access all the saved data, such as the login credentials in Google and the password of the Wi-Fi networks.

Also, within a few months it will be possible configure headphones to be able to listen to the audio from our television with Google TV or Android TV in them. Additionally, Fast Pair will include support for Matter compatible devices, thus facilitating the configuration process.

Fast Pair on Android TV

Android TV will include support for Fast Pair very soon.

Lock and Unlock WearOS Devices

In addition to allowing you to lock and unlock a Chromebook using an Android device, the possibility of do the same with a paired WeaOS watch. Thus, you can start using a mobile, a tablet or a Chromebook without having to enter the PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

Easier and faster switching between devices

Although there is no confirmed arrival date, Google has announced that it is working on a technology aimed at Bluetooth headphones, which will automatically pass the sound to another device.

Google gives as an example the situation in which we have headphones on to watch a movie on an Android tablet, and we received a call to mobile. The movie will automatically pause and the audio will switch to the phone call. Upon completion, the sound will return to the film on the tablet.

On the other hand, Android will have its own “spatial audio” system that will interpret the movements of the head to adapt the sound.

And to make it easier send multimedia content to any of the devices in our connected home, Google will begin to integrate Chromecast on third-party devices, starting with BOSE speakers and soundbars.

On the other hand, those who have a Chromebook, in the future will have the ability to access the phone’s chat apps directly from their computer, without having to install them.

Finally, Google has announced the remote actions, which will allow, for example, turn on the heat or open the car doors from any of our Google Assistant compatible devices. This feature will become available on Volvo Cars cars, followed by other brands later.

BMW cars can now be unlocked with your Pixel 6 or Samsung Galaxy S21

Nearby Share comes to Windows to become a real alternative to AirDrop

Nearby Share came to Android and ChromeOS with the aim of facilitate file transfer between devices wirelessly, with a proposal similar to that of AirDrop on Apple devices.

However, until now this feature had certain limitations, including the inability to transfer files to other devices outside of the Android ecosystem.

This will change in a few months, when Windows Embrace Fast Pair and Nearby Share Support, allowing both share files like syncing text messages or setting up Bluetooth accessories quickly. The first computers to include this feature will be the Acer and HP models, as well as some other brands with an Intel processor.

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