4 sinister Amazon Prime Video movies perfect for Halloween preview

The prior of Halloween It can be a great night to go out, dress up, and have fun. But also, to spend an evening in which the horror movies be the true protagonists. If you are looking for a list with sinister tapes to see in Amazon Prime Video, here we have the final one. Do not miss it!

+ 4 Prime Video Movies Perfect for Halloween

4. The Manor (2021)

Distribution: Barbara Hershey, Bruce Davidson and Nicholas Alexander

Plot: After suffering a mild stroke, Judith Albright reluctantly moves into a historic nursing home where she becomes convinced that a supernatural force is killing the residents.

3. The night of the devil (2011)

Distribution: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins

Plot: Josh, his wife Reani, and their three children have just moved into an old house. When the young son suffers an accident and falls into a coma, strange phenomena begin to occur and the family will be harassed by something that does not seem of this world.

2. It: Chapter 2 (2019)

Distribution: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader

Plot: Every 27 years the terror visits the city of Derry, Maine again. IT: Chapter Two brings together the adult characters, almost 30 years after the events of the first film.

1. Midsommar (2019)

Distribution: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor and William Jackson Harper

Plot: After a family tragedy, a young American couple join friends at a summer festival in a remote Swedish village. What begins with a carefree summer vacation takes a sinister turn when island villagers invite their guests to partake in festivities that become increasingly haunting and viscerally disturbing.

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