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Grease stains anywhere are very difficult to remove, now imagine it on clothes. This is a fairly helpful home remedy for a fairly common condition.

Our food contains fat, which is a situation that many people like, but some don’t, and that is the fact that excess fat can lead to situations that complicate our health because it is dangerous.

Grease is the hardest thing to get off of any surface other than health, sometimes you have to scrub and use a degreaser, that’s fine for surfaces because they won’t take abuse, but what about clothes?

We take great care of our clothes and when oil stains land on our clothes, no matter how small, it is already giving us a headache to figure out how to remove such stains without damaging the clothes.

That’s why we’re here today to tell you how you can easily get rid of annoying oil stains.

If one trick doesn’t work for you, we give you 4!

The first is to use sodium bicarbonatean ingredient known for its cleaning power, we can use it to remove dirt from extremely difficult surfaces such as sinks, bathroom floors, toilets and clothing.

The only thing you need to do is; mix water with baking soda, make sure the mixture is a paste, then add it to the affected area and leave it on for 10 minutes, then remove and wash as normal.

Another very effective home remedy is hydrogen peroxidewhile it may seem very powerful, it will only help you completely remove those hopeless oil stains that are ruining your clothes, however, keep in mind that this remedy can only be used on white clothes, if colored , you run the risk of it fading.

The way to use it is to apply it directly to the oil stain, once this water is applied, there is no need to let it rest, you will have your clothes cleaned in no time.

A third remedy that you can use if you do not have any of the above two ingredients is degreasing soap, Yes! It’s the same soap you use to wash dishes and crockery, and it’s not uncommon to mention it, as this soap is specifically designed to remove any remaining grease.

Apply this remedy the same way you would normally wash your clothes, except that on the affected area you will lather up the affected area and start rubbing until lather forms, then rinse and watch how the stain disappears.

at last, talcum powderthe products you normally use to fragrance and soften your body, can help you remove oil stains from your clothes.

To remove the oil stain you have to apply the talc directly to the affected area but don’t scrub and let it work for an hour and you will check if you can remove the stain, if not then we will leave the talc on longer, After two hours, you’ll remove and wash as normal.

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