40 discs to listen to without shuffle mode

The new album of Adele, his fourth album, has less than a week since its publication and already has a couple of controversies to his name. The first, the one that had an impact on different levels of the music industry, was how the vinyl factories delayed any order in order to supply the demand generated by the launch of 30, the great return of the British singer. The biggest factories in the world focused on his new album and put aside any other requests, something that affected other record companies and independent labels. However, it was not the only thing that was debated around Adele. For its publication, the singer asked Spotify that when playing her album, the application does not have the option to listen to it randomly. “This was the only request I had to make in our ever-changing industry,” he said on his Twitter account. “We don’t create albums with such care and thinking about the order of the songs at all. Our art tells a story and our stories must be heard as we intend ”.

Now, the debate that was generated, in times of playlists, singles, vertigo and overinformation, was whether the records should be listened to in an orderly manner or whether it is well do it haphazardly. In Silence we did not decide and we chose to open the question with our readers. What record is so perfectly put together that it should never be played randomly? A lot of people got caught, including Flopa Lestani (who asked for In Ranibows) and Matías Martin (asked for Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots), so we comply with them. Andrea Álvarez asked for “Most discs recorded before social media ruled everything”, So somehow we believe we have met her as well. From there, Silencio’s data and surveys department was in charge of evaluating the responses and we found 40 albums, according to our readers, that would benefit from Adele’s whim. Although we do not repeat artists on the list, the most named were Pink Floyd, Gustavo Cerati and Radiohead, a non-random criterion (heh).

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