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You have not ever suddenly or feel fire lay when you play for Free? Of course, it is a problem, the ranked influence on the performance of the current fashion. Therefore, a lot of people was looking for a anti-fire, the help, the game run smoothly.

During most of the game is, in fact, one of the usual felt. Free fire own, there are several reasons that can cause the game to lag. There are times when a smartphone device you are using, you will experience the excess of the charge so that the performance is very slow. There is also a reason, because the network is the internet, the use nge-down, so that the delay is not inevitable.

Well, this time we share you were 5 applications of the anti- – -this is very useful during the game. For those of you who are curious, select it in the list below.

5 Anti-Lag-Free Fire Latest

1. Super Pinger

The Application Of Anti-Lag-Free Fire Super Pinger
Source: Google Play

The first application that you can use is a Super-Pinger. To make Yep, as the name suggests, this app is the strengthening of the ping is, if you have enabled and can run the game smoothly.

High Ping makes the movement slows down. But with this app it is the ping is low and stable. File size Super Pinger is also not too large, so that not to overload the memory of the phone. If you want to use it, can directly to the download on the button we have provided below.

2. Anti Lemot & Anti-Lag

The Application Of Anti-Lag-Free Fire Anti Lemot Anti-Lag
Source: Google Play

Still the same as the previous app Anti Lemot & Anti-Lag to smoothly play the game battle royale. The functionality of the two applications are not explain the same, so we need to, it’s more for a long time.

In addition to the stabilization of the network, this app can also make your phone more smoothly by removing caches. Plus, the app is also small and does not affect the performance.

3. The Application Of Anti-Lag-Free Fire: GLTool

Gamer GLTool
Source: Google Play

The next application that you can use GLTool. You could say this app is a controller, the games, the graphics of the game are you. So the quality of the graphics fire be Freely adjusted, so that it is more friendly to you, only the hp of the potatoes.

So, you don’t need to get dizzy again thinking about how the setting and play broken the free fire.

4. GFX-Tools

Source: Google Play

Still, as with the previous app, the settlement of the question of the graphic, GFX-Tools as an alternative to the GLTool can. This application can be used in the hp with the RAM a little and the elimination of the slow time to play, fire Free.

The application of anti-lag-Free-fire-this is the one we recommend, because there are a lot of pro players and streamers who use it.

5. 4G Only in network mode

4g Only
Source: Google Play

Back to the topic of networking, would you often have problems when the network is jamming down from 4G to 3G. This is one of the reasons why the fire, so was. For this you need an app that does not reduce the creation of such a network.

As for the latter, we recommend the 4G-network-mode as an anti-lag-Free fire. You can download it with the link we have provided below.

Well, the 5 anti-lag-Free fire, that you can make, play seamlessly. In addition, we want to also a recommendations Game Booster is the best for to use it.

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