5 artists whose songs will help you sleep better, according to research

If you’re not one of those lucky few who falls asleep as soon as you go to bed, you certainly have your own ways to fall asleep faster. There are those who try to breathe, those with the sounds of nature, those with a book or herbal tea and they eventually listen to music or other special sounds, such as sounds of nature. If you’re looking for new songs to add to your “Reconcile – Sleep” playlist, Science has got you covered.: trade journal, one morewas posted Research that collected and cross-referenced data from over 200,000 songs and over 1,000 playlists Compiling a list of songs and artists that (almost) guarantee safe sleep. Here’s what they are:

billie eilish

The melody of many of the singer’s songs, coupled with her voice, is the best way to relax and switch off the brain. However, according to the study, there’s one song that tops the list in this sense: Dear,

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bts extension

If you think that Kpop inspires you to dance more than to sleep, you are deeply mistaken. Because, apparently, the Korean group is one of the most frequented playlists that bring sleep and harmony to their ammo This is the song that never fails.

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I’ll admit it: I have Labyrinth at the top of my list of artists that help me find the perfect peace to be able to fall asleep. my favorite in his discography all for usBut according to the study, the most chosen among the people Envy,

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Harry Styles

Could our Harry ever be missing from this list? no way. Let’s remember that the singer lent her voice to a bedtime story for an app that helps monitor and harmonize sleep. Therefore, he will be happy to know that it is his it’s falling It’s a fixture in the playlists of many insomniacs.

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