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KOMPAS.com – Not denying it can be a movement in the small apartment was so limited. However, although not very extensive, it does not mean the space-the space may not look impressive.

For example, the bathroom. Despite its small size, was more practical. Because it is easy and quick to clean.

Bathroom small, can also be a comfortable place and relax for the inhabitants of the house.

Such comfort can be achieved through the design of the bathroom proper. Here are five designs that you can apply are:

1. Couples a

Attachwww.thespruce.com Attach

A worry you are, the bathroom is tiny, not for the installation of a bathtub or a.

Just calm down, a to support can still be installed, bathroom small your relaxation.

To make it more efficient, put Shower – Blends with a so the residents of the house can continue to shower quickly, if you’re in a hurry.

2. You Can Maximize The Function Of The Walls Of The Bathroom

You can maximize the function of the wallCarlsson, Peter You can maximize the function of the wall

In addition to the bathroom equipment such as Shower, bidets and sinks, as much as possible space on the wall.

Fasten to hang the hook, the towel and the glass Cabinet to store toiletries is small.

3. The Illusion Of The Mirror Make The Bathroom Feel More Spacious

The illusion of mirrors to make the walls feel airywww.freshome.com The illusion of mirrors to make the walls feel airy

Not only brush, a mirror can make a small bathroom feel spacious. You use the mirror in the medium-sized or large, of course, individually with the vastness of space.

With the right placement, is generated by the reflection of light from the mirror will give the illusion of making the bathroom is more spacious than it actually is.

4. A touch of color that is Sweet and Not Boring

Touch of color is not boringwww.architecturaldigest.com Touch of color is not boring

Trends modern and minimalist, also penetrated into the design of the bathroom. This makes the color-color that is often used, is a neutral color such as white, gray, black, or the color of the young wood.

For those of you who love bright colors, make the bathroom is with a mixture of these colors.

For example, the combination of colors salmon pink and pale yellow as in the picture add to the beauty of the room.

5. Add Texture from Faceted ceramic

Touch Ceramicwww.blog.sweeten.com Touch Ceramic

A simple way to add texture to the bathroom is with ceramic. This Material is often used and is from a range of natural stone.

For a classic look, use the Subway Tiles like the picture above. Marble can be used for much more luxury.

If you want the bathroom to appear attractive and full of color, wear patterned tiles.