5 Celebrities Who Inspired Disney

Robin Williams.

Emma Stone recently caused a sensation after the first official Cruella movie poster of one of Disney’s most famous villains was unveiled. The film that focuses on the origin story of the animated person will be released on May 28 through the Disney + platform.

Fans of the animated films of the company of the mouse have had positive reactions to the final image of the Oscar-winning actress, assuring that she was perfect for the role. And it is that some famous Disney characters have been inspired by real people, so it is not strange that the producers have an idea of ​​how they would look in a live-action. Here we leave you some of them.

1. The Genius

For the Aladdin movie,  actor  Robin Williams was the perfect model to draw the Genie in the Lamp. During the 90s the actor was at one of the highest points of his career and he was convinced to be an inspiration for the physiognomy of the character. In addition, Robin contributed some jokes of his own for the script. When the actor died, Disney paid him a tribute with the face of the Genie made up of stars.

2. Cruella de Vil

Stone’s original character is inspired by actress  Tallulah Bankhead, who worked with director Alfred Hitchcock and was known for leading a lifestyle “on the edge.” Apparently, Disney not only took his voice but also his personality to create the 101 Dalmatians villain.

3. Aladdin


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But not only Robin was captured in animation,  Tom Cruise inspired the charismatic protagonist of the 1992 film. First, they had focused on Michael J. Fox, however, the creators were looking for a “less soft” look so they completed the features of Aladdin watching Cruise movies.

4. Ariel

Actress Alyssa Milano was the protagonist of The Little Mermaid and curiously discovered that she not only lent her voice but also her face until the time after the film’s premiere. For the public, it was not a secret that there was a similarity, however that was not so obvious to her.

5. Philoctetes


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Danny DeVito became the inspiration to create Hercules’ best friend for the 1997 film. The actor’s facial features and strong character were perfect to animate the character, and the production was delighted with the way he moved his mouth. it was an excellent reference.


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