5 events not to be missed on the weekend of August 15

In Rome and throughout the region, preparations are underway for 15 August. Between cultural events in the capital, religious festivals and village festivals, there are five activities for all ages.

The middle of August is almost here. Do you find yourself deciding what to do at the last second every year? Weren’t you able to book and leave to escape the city heat? Or are you just visitors who, using the bridge, decided to go to the capital? Don’t worry, not only are you not alone, but preparations are in full swing in Rome and throughout the region in view of the cod on 15 August. Between excursions and cultural events in the capital, village festivities and dance parties, religious processions and folklore… August 15th you will have a spoiled choice. Here are five events for young and old.

Mid-August in the city, 360 degree culture

This year, August 15 falls on a Tuesday, and there are many people who want to spend this long holiday weekend in the capital. And between ice cream in the shadow of the Pantheon and a delicious plate of carbonara (a Roman summer stereotype), museums are the first thing that comes to mind. Open almost all year round, August day can be one of the best times to visit them, given the smaller number of tourists. The offer is huge, so you just have to choose. Among other things:

  • Vatican Museums
  • Coliseum
  • Roman Forum – Palatine Hill
  • Museum of Illusions
  • IKONO – An Immersive Sensory Photographic Experience
  • He looks alive!
  • Domus Romane Palazzo Valentini
  • National Etruscan Museum Villa Giulia
  • Stadium of Domitian
  • Speaker Gallery
  • Gallery of swords
  • Gallery Borghese

And if you just want to unwind after a day in the sun, wandering through alleys and museums like the most classic Roman summer, the evening of Tuesday 15 August offers rich movie programming. Don’t miss the screenings under the stars: sign up at 21:15 atArena Garbatella for “Emily”, a biopic about the life of the poet and writer Emily Bronte. Starring the brilliant Emma McKee (known to most for her role as Maeve in the TV series “Sex Education”). This is the directorial debut of Anglo-Australian Frances O’Connor.

Weather forecast for Rome and Lazio today, August 10, 2023: sunny and hot with rising temperatures

IN Largo Alessandrina Ravizzaalong Via di Monte Verde, will be shown at 21:30. “Ticket to Paradise”, a 2022 romantic comedy starring George Clooney opposite Julia Roberts. Finally, ah Gardens of Piazza Vittoriothere will always be a queue at 21.30 “Someone Out There Loves Me” (Mario Martone): This year’s documentary explores the myth and genius of the man and actor Massimo Troisi through unpublished footage 70 years after his birth.

FerragOstia Antica 2022. Photo: Facebook

FerragOstia Antica 2022. Photo: Facebook

In Ostia mid-August theater, dance and music

Without going too far from the capital, you can take a step back in time: to its 7th edition, Ancient Ferragostia. back to the center of the Roman summer. August 15 will be the closing day of the festival, a week of street art, dance and music to (in a new way) discover places, with multidisciplinary shows in a renaissance village, circus performances and continuous interaction between different arts to enhance artistry. and cultural heritage.

On the eve of August 15on the evening of Monday, August 14, will be fully dedicated to music: it starts at 21 with “HoStress”, which will bring to the stage the most famous songs of international rock and pop music; at 22:30 it will be the turn of “Bluesman latino”, a meeting of Italian blues and Latin soul.

August 15 at 21:00 Laura Kibel will offer her workhorse, “Go where your foot leads”: an amazing show for adults and children that went around the world. At 22:30 it will end beautifully with a dancewith a breathtaking performance of “Open Air Dance Floor” by Daria Greco and Salvo Lombardo.

Procession into the sea, feast of the Assumption.  Fiumicino.  Photo: Facebook

Procession into the sea, feast of the Assumption. Fiumicino. Photo: Facebook

Traditional sea procession in Fiumicino

In Fiumicino, the most anticipated moment of all Feast of the Dormition in mid-August it will be a traditional Marine procession. Numerous religious holidays and civic meetings are planned: firstly, an appointment for a Mass presided over by Msgr. Gianrico Ruzza, Bishop of the Diocese of Porto Santa Rufina, aged 17; traditional provided later sea ​​procession of the Assumption, patroness of fishermenthe most soulful rite in decades in a port city: the procession will be led by the image of the Blessed Virgin on a fishing boat, followed by boats of believers.

Concerts and cabarets, every evening at 21:30 on Via Torre Clementina, along the canal port: the most anticipated is Max Giusti show, with the eloquent title “A tutto Max”, is scheduled for Monday evening, August 14th. However, on the evening of August 15, it will be the turn of Luca Vicari and Latin Anime in “Battisti for a friend”.

Anzio, performances in the squares: bonfires, dances and theatrical performances

Even Anzio is getting ready to meet August 15th in style, with shows and music for every taste. Already on Monday, August 14, ten talented local artists will perform on the stage of Piazza Garibaldi. From 14 to 15 August at 23:30 in the port of Anzio will be held spectacular fireworks.

On the evening of 15 August, however, you should not miss the meeting in the theater under the stars: in the suggestive open-air theater of Villa Adele, Giorgio Albertazzi will stage “The Merchant of Venice”master William Shakespeare. Dates also continue into the second half of August, with Ornella Muti’s highly anticipated show “Processo alla Strega” scheduled for Monday 18 August.

Festivals around Lazio

In the whole region, of course, could not miss summer culinary events: visiting some of the dozens of festivals that take place in small villages and towns around Lazio will give you the opportunity to discover a real historical and artistic heritage, accompanied by delicious feasts. Among the most anticipated events of August Gnocchi and Strozzapreti Festival in Capranica, in the province of Viterbo; still in the area, from 11 to 15 August in Civitella d’Agliano takes place beer festivalwith live music and food. Continuing the theme wine festival in Vignanello: there will be surprises for its 50th edition without abandoning traditions such as the peasant parade with “wine carts”. There snail festival (Graffignano) from lentils (Onano) e some dumplings (San Lorenzo Nuovo) are a worthy alternative: celebration goes hand in hand with excellent food.

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