5 little-known comedy movies to watch on Netflix

No matter how many movies you want to watch, these Netflix comedies need to be watched ASAP!

As Netflix has become the world’s leading streaming service, there are more and more movies and TV series available on the platform. Many of them are comedy films that we have already seen and re-watched, but there are also some hidden movies that might surprise the audience. Often little advertised, these movies can provide an engrossing and different entertainment experience than what we are used to seeing. In this article, we will explore the top five hidden comedy movies on Netflix that are worth watching.

a pointless and stupid gesture

Douglas Kennymagazine founder national lampoon (which spawned his own comedic cinematic universe), was quite the polarizing figure of his day. In addition to his outrageous manner, his humor was intentionally controversial, yet popular enough to forge a legacy.

a pointless and stupid gesture is a quasi-biopic that tells the story of the late Kenny with over-the-top melodrama, meta-references, and fourth-wall breaking. Will Fort He plays the leading role in this hugely underrated performance. For the viewers who like unconventional biopics man on the manIt would be absolutely hilarious.

family fault

family fault movie

in this hilarious 2005 Rob Reiner film, Jennifer Aniston Sarah Hutinger, a young journalist with little success, returns to her parents’ home to spend some time with her family on the occasion of her sister’s wedding. Always considered the black sheep of the family, Sarah will learn from her grandmother, Catherine Richelieu (played by Shirley MacLaine), a mystery that would lead him to think that it was his family that inspired the book on which the film was based the Bachelor.


paddleton review

An acclaimed Netflix original that doesn’t seem to have gone unnoticed paddleton, mark duplass And ray romano They star as middle-aged single neighbors who forge a deep friendship when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. The narrative treads familiar ground but still adds a fresh and heartfelt twist to its slice-of-life formula, thanks to the impeccable chemistry between its two leads. Duplass also produces and co-wrote the screenplay, which adds to his diverse filmography (most of which consists of Netflix original films).

Deidra and Lainey rob a train

Deidra and Lainey are sisters desperate to get their mother out of jail and pay for her release. The frustration culminates in a train robbery. In their criminal pursuits, the sisters rekindle old family and romantic relationships while a detective trails them.

Like many of Netflix’s underrated comedies, Deidra and Lainey rob a train And Originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, from where it was picked up by the distribution service. The film greatly benefits from the chemistry between the two sisters played by Ashley Murray Of Riverdale and singer Rachel Crow,

war machine

comedy movies

Brad Pitt, Sir Ben Kingsley

A satire on US military efforts in Afghanistan, war machine It received mixed reviews upon its release. If nothing else, the film is rewatchable just for its lead performance, as brad pitt plays a generic caricaturist with a very substantial cast Anthony Michael Hall And Lakeith Stanfield.

war machine The charismatic general’s life involves many ups and downs, as he confronts not only his colleagues and bureaucrats, but also a journalist who plans to uncover the back story of his campaigns. It ultimately boils down to serious topics like the ethics of conflict and the violence that accompanies it, creating a thought-provoking narrative laced with dark humor.

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