5 movies hidden on Netflix and are ideal for watching in quarantine


At this stage of the quarantine, you may have exhausted the bulk of Netflix, so that’s why we come to give you a manito if you don’t know what to choose. On this occasion, 5 excellent movies, well-varied and something hidden on the site that are waiting for you to give them “play”.


Horizon deep

A nervous and frantic story about the disaster that occurred in 2010 on the oil rig Deepwater Horizon. An excellent Mark Wahlberg in a movie that starts and does not stop for a second.



Do you have plenty of time to watch movies? Well, if this is so Burning is what you’re looking for. This Korean film is baked to a simmer, and gives you much more of what you may expect. It focuses on a young writer and his adventures with two acquaintances that stem from something totally unexpected. Something atypical of the catalog of Netflix that improvement once completed.


The tale of the princess Kaguya

One of the recent gems of the studios Ghibli that landed on the platform. It tells the story of a nymph that is born of a bamboo stalk. This adorable and visually amazing animated film was nominated for an Oscar the year of its premiere.


A family affair

And we continue with the multipremiadas. A family affair won the golden Palm, the highest prize of the Cannes festival, and went to Netflix. Following closely in the footsteps of a family of poor japanese who rescues a girl from a family abusive. A perfect tale that had preceded it, although with much less murky, a Parasite in the run-up to the historic Oscar.


The reconquest

Without a doubt, this Spanish film is one of the best romantic movies catalog from Netflix. Manuela and Elm met in college when they were young and found during a night in Madrid. Lectures on thousands of topics with a sexual charge and a tenderness alarming; original resources to tell the story and chemistry tremendous between the main protagonists.