5 movies to watch on TV Sunday night, June 11

Here’s our pick for today

Not sure how to spend the evening? We offer you our pick of 5 movies to watch on TV tonightAs usual, on the first, second or third evening, between free-to-air and paid networks.

Rocketman, Channel 5 – 21:21

Biographical film that chronicles and revisits the life of English singer Elton John, played by Taron Egerton. The story of the singer’s childhood and his approach to music begins with his attendance at the Royal Academy of Music through flashbacks. He founded the band Bluesology, but changed its name when he heard a group playing soul music. Then begins his ascent to success, which is also halted by alcohol and drug use and his coming out, He is accompanied by a life-long friend, Bernie Taupin, who will not leave him.

movies to watch on tv tonight

Movies To See On TV Tonight, Rocketman – Paramount Pictures

Biography of the statesman Marx. In the 1940s, young Karl Marx (August Diehl) and his friend Friedrich Engels (Stefan Konarske) lead a movement to liberate oppressed workers around the world. These are years of upheaval in countries such as Germany, France and England where workers are all marching forward to demonstrate and claim their rights. Despite the social differences between him and Engels, the two try to unite ideas and change the course of history.

movies to watch on tv tonight

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The film featured a stellar cast led by Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman, and Alan Rickman. In Paris in 1789, a fisherwoman discovers a baby boy dead after giving birth and abandons him in the market. However, the child is still alive and is rescued by the police and handed over to the care of an orphanage. JayFrom an early age, Ein-Baptiste Grenouille has a character that makes him unique: he has an extraordinary sense of smell. At the age of thirteen, the tanner Grimal, for whom he works, sends him to Paris, from where the boy is solemnly kidnapped. One evening, however, he senses a more intense and perfect scent that belongs to a young red-haired plum seller., The boy becomes completely obsessed with it.

Movies to watch on TV tonight.

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Los Angeles in the 90s, erin brockovich (Julia Roberts) is a young single mother with three young children, who is out of work and has bills to pay. After a long search she manages to get a job as a lawyer’s secretary. Ed Massery (Albert Finney), who defended him at a trial. One day he comes across some documents of purchase of some properties which hide the pollution of water, With Ed’s help, the two discover the truth about the situation: Pacific Gas & Electric, an industry in the area, has dumped a highly polluting substance into the water that has caused cancer and serious illnesses.

Movies to watch on TV tonight.

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kasey larson (Jennifer Aniston) There is a woman on the threshold of forty who has not yet found love. She wants to be a mother but she is tired of waiting so she decides to go for artificial insemination. his friend wally mars (Jason Bateman), who is secretly in love with her, He offers to donate his sperm but Kasi refuses; So he goes to the sperm bank and chooses from among donors roland (Patrick Wilson). During a party in honor of Casey’s verdict, Wally gets drunk and makes a mess which he tries to fix as best he can. Following the conception, Cassie leaves New York and moves in with her parents where she will raise the child. Seven years later she returns to town with her baby, Sebastian, and begins dating Roland, hoping that she and the baby will bond, but things don’t go so well: the two seem very different.

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Movies to Watch on TV Tonight, Bona Fide Productions, Echo Films

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