5 movies to watch on TV today on Saturday, July 1st

Let’s find out the program for today

Let’s find out what is planned in the program for this Saturday, July 1st. Here are 5 movies to watch on TV tonight that we have selected for you, always in prime time or late at night, divided into free and pay TV.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) he is a professional pilot, always wearing headphones; The “music” of wheels, braking and accelerator guides him and allows him to perfect his technique. Boy, thanks to these abilities works for doc (Kevin Spacey) leader of a gang of bank robbers; however, not all members of the gang appreciate Baby, and he will have to defend himself; In addition to himself, he will also have to provide for Deborah (Lily James), the waitress with whom he is in love.

Movies to watch on TV tonight

Movies to watch on TV tonight, Baby Driver. Films with working title, TriStar Pictures

Alice (Paola Cortellesi) a rich woman in Rome loses all her privileges when her husband dies and leaves her in debt. The woman is forced to roll up her sleeves, look for work and a new home for herself and her 9-year-old son. His valet Aziz (Hassani Shapi) he finds her an apartment in the suburbs, where he meets people so unlike her, including Giulio (Raoul Bova) For work, however, having found nothing, he thinks of becoming an escort and asks for help from Eva (Anna Foletta). Despite the fact that her life is changing radically, Alice will find new and special people.

movies to watch on TV tonight.

movies to watch on TV tonight, Italian International Film, Rai Cinema

In 1938, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) manages to get hold of the very cross that he never got out of the hands of human traffickers as a child. Sometime after billionaire Walter Donovan (Julian Glover) would like to hire him to search for the Holy Grail, because the archaeologist he hired disappeared. Indiana Jones finds out that it was his father and sets out to find the man.. He is supported by archaeologist Elsa Schneider. Will he succeed in the enterprise?

Movies to watch on TV tonight

Movies to watch on TV tonight, Lucasfilm

gretta (Keira Knightley) and Dave (Adam Levin) they are a couple who want to work in the music industry and move to New York. However, here Dave receives an important job offer and after a while betrays Gretta, who leaves him. A girl goes to a club with a friend and is immediately noticed by producer Dan (Mark Ruffalo), whose career hangs in the balance. lThe man is impressed with Greta and invites her to record her first album. Thus, not only a working partnership was born between them, but also a strong friendship.

movies to watch on tv tonight

movies to watch on TV tonight, Exclusive Media Group, Sycamore Pictures, Apatow Productions, Likely Story

Drought, entrance to the Sky Cinema, 21:15

In heat-stricken Rome, the townspeople are faced with an abnormal drought: there has been no rain for three years. The lack of rain undermines the life and comforts that the Romans are accustomed to. brings out the unpredictable side of a group of people who they seem to have lost their moral codes and the ability to be a civilized society.

movies to watch on tv tonight

Drought. Wildside, Vision Distribution

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