5 movies to watch on TV tonight on Friday, August 4th

Let’s find out today’s TV program

Let’s find out what the Friday 4 August program includes. Here are 5 movies to watch on TV tonight that we have selected for you, always in prime time or late at night, divided into free and pay TV.

Radio presenter Bruno Iori (Luciano Federico) he informs his listeners that Radiofreccia is ending with this very last transmission. He begins to talk about the birth of radio, which dates back to 1975. Bruno with his friends Jena (Alessio Modica) Titus (Enrico Salimbeni) Boris (Roberto Cibetti) and arrow (Stefano Accorsi) decides to create free radio. They are immediately huge successes, but each’s personal dramas lead to their separation, leaving Bruno alone to run the Radio.

movies to watch on TV tonight.

Fandango, movies to watch on TV tonight.

Bobby Garfield (Anton Yelchin) he is a famous photographer whose lives were shaken by the news of the death of an old friend. Therefore, he is forced to return to his city and in doing so is catapulted back in time. As a child, he lived with his mother after the loss of his father. and spent his days with his friends Sally and Carol. But one day he meets Ted Brautigan. (Anthony Hopkins), an elderly man with the ability to read people’s minds. A deep friendship develops between them. intensified by the presence of a man who compensates for the absence of a father figure in the child. However, the mother is aware of this connection and is determined to prevent it in every possible way.

Movies to watch on TV tonight

Movies to watch on TV tonight, Castle Rock Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures

Adams (Alec Baldwin) e Barbara Maitland (Gina Davis) after a car accident, they realize that they have died and become ghosts. They return to their home, which is being sold to the Deetz family and their daughter, Lydia (Winona Ryder), who has the ability to see ghosts. The two decide to find a solution in the underworld, but are forced to stay on Earth longer and terrorize people. Unable to use their powers to their fullest, they ask Beetlejuice for help.(Michael Keaton) scary ghost with questionable methods. From now on, they will have to try to protect the young Lydia, who got involved in the plans of the spirit.

movies to watch on tv tonight

movies to watch on TV tonight, Warner Bros. Pictures, The Geffen Company

The 1980s cult film is set in an American school and features five high school students.
OURCore Foundations of Five Students, Andrew “Andy” Clark. (Emilio Estevez) Brian “The Brain” Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall) John Bender (Judd Nelson) Claire Standsh (Molly Ringwald) and Allison Reynolds (Ellie Sheedy) giving him a task. However, the five will spend Saturday together getting to know each other. They are very different from each other, those who grew up with the expectation of parents, those who do not receive enough attention from them and those who are used only for what they are. In this way, they will turn out to be much more similar than they could have imagined, leading to a friendship that can last for a long time.

movies to watch on tv tonight

movies to watch on TV tonight, A&M Films, Channel Productions

Bartender Massimo Viviani (Philip Timi) and emo friends (Alexander Welcome), Pylades (Athos Davini) Gino (Marcello Martiali) and Aldo (Massimo Paganelli), known as “urethral quartet” they have to solve a missing woman case. The investigation is carried out by Fusco (Lucia Maschino), who is trying to reconstruct his story between rumors and reality; However, another body is soon found, the history of which may be connected with the disappearance of a woman..

movies to watch on TV tonight.

movies to watch on TV tonight, Palomar for Sky Cinema

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