5 movies to watch on TV tonight on Monday, August 21

Let’s find out the films planned for tonight

Let’s find out what’s planned for Monday, August 21st. Here are 5 movies to watch on TV tonight that we have selected for you, always at the best time or late at night, divided into free and pay TV.

Inspired by Jim Harrison’s novel, it follows the vicissitudes of the Ludlow family. Colonel William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) after leaving the army, he retires to the mountains of Montana, where, after abandoning his wife, he raises three children: Alfred. (Aidan Quinn)Tristan (Brad Pitt) and Samuel (Henry Thomas). However, their lives are shaken by the arrival of a young woman, Suzanne (Julia Ormond), with whom the three fall in love. The girl begins dating Samuel, but the boy is called to fight in the First World War, where, unfortunately, he will die in front of his brothers who follow him. They return home, and Susanna develops deep feelings for Tristan, who, however, quarrels with Alfred precisely because of his love. Then Tristan decides to leave…

movies to watch on TV tonight.

movies to watch on TV tonight, Bedford Falls Productions

Michael Collins tells the story of one of the champions of Irish independence. In 1916, after several years of peace, an uprising broke out in Dublin, led by Michael Collins as the leader of Irish independence activists. The uprising does not have the desired effect, and Collins decides to change his strategy and, after numerous and not very peaceful attempts, he manages to interview Sinn Féin President Eamon de Valera (Alan Rickman), offering a possible solution for the country. …movies to watch on tv tonightmovies to watch on TV tonight, Warner Bros. Pictures, Geffen Pictures

Major Bennett Mark (Denzel Washington) he is a veteran of the Gulf War, the details of which he does not remember. Also with him was Raymond Prentiss Shaw (Liv Schreiber), son of Senator Eleanor Shaw (Meryl Streep). When Bennet decides to start investigating his memories, he discovers Manchurian Global, a company linked to the senator.. Through various experiments carried out by this company, the soldiers, including himself, were brainwashed and turned into real pawns …

movies to watch on tv tonight

the movie you can watch on TV tonight is The Manchurian Candidate. Paramount Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions

Immensity, Sky Cinema Uno, 21:15.

In Rome 70’s Clara AND Happy (Penelope Cruz and Vincenzo Amato) they have just moved into a new apartment even though their marriage is over. Together they are kept only by children, including the eldest Adriana (Luana Giuliani). However, the little girl does not feel comfortable with her body, with her name and wants to be a boy.. This desire of his destabilizes the family and further worsens the precarious family balance.

movies to watch on tv tonight

movies to watch on TV tonight, The Expanse. Wildside, Chapter 2, Warner Bros.

Guest, Sky Cinema Due, 23.05.

I’m going (Daniele Parisi) and Claire (Sylvia D’amico) faced with the decision to have a baby, they leave wanting different things. So Guida leaves their apartment and moves into the homes of her friends and relatives, living on their couch. From this unprecedented guest perspective, he notices things he hasn’t seen before. and also reflects on his situation, hoping to find a solution for himself and Chiara.

movies to watch on tv tonight

movies to watch on TV tonight, Mood Film, Rai Cinema, Cinédokké, RSI – Swiss Radiotelevision, House on Fire, Relief, Bravado Film, Wildside

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