5 movies to watch on TV tonight, Sunday, September 10

Let’s find out the program for tonight on television.

Let’s find out what the program includes on Sunday, September 10th. September . Here are the 5 movies to watch on TV tonight that we’ve chosen for you, always prime time or late at night, divided between free and pay TV.

Rachel, Paradise 3, 9:20 p.m.

Based on the novel by Daphne Du Maurier. tells the story of Philip Ashley (Sam Claflin) who is raised by his cousin after the loss of his parents. Having left on business, Ambrose writes to his cousin that he married an unknown woman in Italy. Over time, his letters become increasingly rare, until one arrives announcing the death of this man. His wife Rachel (Rachel Weiss) she travels to England, where Philip is to greet her.. But when they meet, the man discovers that the woman is very different from how his cousin described her…

movies to watch on TV tonight

Movies to watch on TV tonight, 20th Century Fox

Scarface, Iris, 20:59.

Antonio Montana, known as Tony (Al Pacino) he is an ex-con who leaves the country with his friend Manolo Ribera, Manny. (Steven Bauer). The two arrive in Miami where, after first spending time in a refugee camp, they manage to escape and begin working. But Tony is very ambitious and would like to rise to the top of crime; This is how he meets boss Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia) who instructs him to negotiate cocaine supplies, Alejandro Sosa (Paul Chenard). Impressed by Montana’s determination and ambition, Sosa recruits him into his business. Things get complicated when Tony meets and falls in love with (reciprocates) Sosa’s wife, Elvira Hancock. (Michelle Pfeiffer). Tony’s ambitions grow more and more until he becomes a danger that must be eliminated…

movies to watch on TV tonight

The movie to watch on TV tonight is Scarface. Universal pictures

Oscar Pettinari (Carlo Verdone) he is a young man who dreams of entering the world of cinema and he often goes to Cinecitta, where, however, he receives only small roles. One day he meets lawyer Giangiacomo Pigna Corelli. (Alberto Sordi), who advises him to take revenge on the producer by faking an accident with a motorcycle and a car. It’s a shame that actress Nancy drives a Rolls-Royce.(Stella Hall) who suffered a facial injury and lost her role in the film. The girl asks Oscar for help, since she has no other friends, but the boy again gets into trouble after another strange idea from the lawyer.

movies to watch on TV tonight

Movies to watch on TV tonight, Scena Film

William “Bill” Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) he is a telecommunications tycoon who lives in luxury and takes care of his family.. One day, Death appears in front of him and asks him to explain the power of such a feeling as love. It took the form of Joe Black (Brad Pitt) and meets Bill’s family, where he charms his daughter Susan. (Claire Forlani). The young woman and boy had already met and fallen in love, but now that Death had taken her form, he had also erased her memories of Joe. As Bill’s sixty-fifth birthday approaches, Death decides to commit suicide, but Suzanne’s influence causes him to change his mind…

movies to watch on TV tonight

movies to watch on TV tonight, UIP

Adrian (Benjamin Laverne) he recently broke up with his girlfriend Sonya (Sarah Giraudeau), who asked him for a break. The boy, however, cannot wait and sends her a message, to which she waits for a response for several days. Meanwhile, his sister and brother-in-law invite him to dinner, which he will spend waiting for the message. However, this will happen at the wrong time: they have decided to get married and would like Adrian to give a speech on their wedding day. This destabilizes him and increases the anxiety caused by Sophie’s reaction.. Will he be able to talk about love when it is no longer there?

movies to watch on TV tonight.

films to watch on TV tonight.,Les Films sur mesure

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