5 movies to watch on TV tonight, Thursday, August 3

Let’s find out today’s TV program

Let’s learn what programming is Thursday 3 August. Here are 5 movies to watch on TV tonight that we have selected for you, always in prime time or late at night, divided into free and pay TV.

The sequel to The Mask of Zorro tells the adventures of the eponymous avenger. Don Alejandro de la Vega (Antonio Banderas) he hasn’t played Zorro in ten years and lives with his wife Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and son Joaquin (Adrian Alonso) in San Francisco.. He promised the woman that he would never get involved in his double life again, but when discovers that California is about to become a US state, and he will have to try to prevent the threat posed by those who oppose this decision.

movies to watch on tv tonight

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In 1965, Nazi surgeon Dieter Vogel is wanted; his search is assigned to three Mossad agents: Rachel Singer (Jessica Chastain) Stefan Gold (Marton Csokas) e David Perez (Sam Worthington). The three manage to find the man, but after failing to get him to West Berlin, he keeps him captive in his apartment. However, the man manages to escape from here, and the three cannot confess how everything went. They decide to come up with a fictional version of events and claim to have killed him., being considered by all true heroes. In thirty years Rachel (Helen Mirren) and Stephen (Tom Wilkinson) are married and have a daughter, Sarah, who grows up proud to have two parents like them. But when a girl decides to write a book about her, she discovers a different truth.

movies to watch on TV tonight.

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The story is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie (Logan Lerman), a very shy and introverted teenager. In high school, she can only befriend Sam. (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller), two elderly people. Thanks to them, he will be able to get out of his shell of shyness and insecurity, living a beautiful and deep friendship. He also develops a very deep relationship with his literature professor Mr. Anderson (Paul Rudd). But when Sam and Patrick leave school Charlie has to deal with traumas that he has removed by hiding under the carpet of the apparent calm he has achieved.

movies to watch on TV tonight.

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October 2, 1988 Donnie(Jake Gyllenhaal) survives when the plane’s engine crashes into his house. The boy is unpopular and suffers from schizophrenia, for which he is being treated. That night in the sleepwalking episode, he meets a strange character and wakes up on a football field. An inscription appeared on his hand, foreshadowing the end of the world in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds.. After this episode, strange coincidences and incredible encounters begin to happen to the boy, which make him a victim of his delusions. In this situation, he meets Gretchen Ross (Jena Malone), a girl with whom he establishes a connection.. Soon he will no longer be able to distinguish reality from his increasingly disturbing visions.

movies to watch on tv tonight

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The Life of Boxing Trainer Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood), suburban gym owner, she’s shocked when 32-year-old Maggie Fitzgerald shows up (Hilary Swank) A waitress who wants to learn how to box. The man immediately recognizes the potential that Maggie has and agrees to make her his vanguard. In the World Championship match with Billy “Blue Bear” (Lucia Rijker) Maggie finds herself giving her all, encouraged by Frank. √®ero’s opponent does not intend to play fair…

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